Mental Math Task Cards


  • Grades: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade

  • Subjects: Math

  • Product Type: Game, Printable

  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

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Product Description

These task cards are great for any students that need to practice mental math: addition and subtraction facts, adding and subtracting 10 and 100, counting by 10s off decade and fact families. There are 4 printing options: color or black & white and without QR codes.

Use these 24 task cards to help your students practice mental math skills.
• facts to 20
• 10 more or 10 less
• 100 more or 100 less
• counting by 10s on and off decade
• fact families

Task cards are available in 4 formats:
• Color with QR Codes
• Color without QR Codes
• Black & White with QR Codes
• Black & White without QR Codes
Also included:
• optional answer sheet
• optional answer key


  • Use the recording sheet or a numbered piece of paper for your child to answer the cards that you would like them to solve.
  • Your child can check their own work using the provided answer key or a QR reader. Many children love using the QR reader and they are very simple to use.
  • You could also use task cards to play Solve Around the House (or Room): Put cards around your house and have your child locate and solve each card. This is a great way to add movement to lessons.


In the Classroom

  • Have students complete these cards independently or with a partner.
  • You can use a projector to go over any problems many students miss. Task cards can be used for early finishers, centers or games. Use the recording sheet (or a numbered piece of paper for students to record the answers. 
  • Have students check their work with the provided answer key or a QR reader.
  • Play Scoot:  Place a card on each child’s desk. Give children time to solve the problem and record their answer in the correct spot on their answer sheet. Signal students to rotate to the next desk. Check answers as a class.
  • Solve Around the Room: Post cards around the room and have students move around to locate and solve each card. Students can check work as they finish or as a class at the end of the activity.

A Note on QR Readers
QR readers are very easy to use. Just go to the app store for your SMARTphone or tablet. You can even download a reader onto the newer iPod Touches. My QR reader will even read text codes (like the ones on these task cards) without an internet connection. You just point the camera on your device at the code, like you are taking a picture. Press the scan button on your QR reader app. The answer will appear on the device.



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  • Math can and should be fun.
  • Learners need lots and lots of practice with manipulatives and hands-on strategies before they can solve abstract problems.
  • We need to let children explore concepts and not force them to memorize formulas to solve problems.
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