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Measurement Interactive Notebooks

Not So Wimpy Teacher


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This interactive notebook includes activities for metric and standard measurement. Perfect for 2nd and 3rd graders!

Interactive notebooks have changed the way that I teach! They give students the opportunity to move things around and create visuals that a worksheet could never do. My students call them "scrapbooks!" I use my notebooks as a form of assessment. I can easily look at their pages and know who has mastered a topic and who needs more practice. 

Activities Included:
Tools for Measurement: 
Students sort pictures of various measuring tools by whether they would be used to measure length, capacity or weight.

Units of Measurement:
Students decide what unit of measurement would be used to measure various liquids, weights and lengths. I have included a page for metric measurement and a page for standard measurement!

Measuring Length:
There are many different flaps included in this section. Students can measure a line with a ruler in one set of flaps. In another set of flaps, students are drawing a line with a specified measurement. Both activities include measuring to the nearest inch, nearest half inch, nearest quarter inch and centimeters. 

Measuring Weight:
Students will use a scale to measure the weight of classroom supplies and record the weight under their flap. The teacher can choose to use metric or standard measurement for this activity.

Measuring Liquid:
The teacher gives students four different cups of water and the students record how much water is in each container. The teacher can choose to use metric or standard measurement for this activity.

I have included color photographs of completed pages as a visual for the teacher.


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    Interactive notebooks = FUN learning
    May 30, 2016

    Interactive notebooks have a way of making learning fun.
    This one certainly does. It takes a not-so-interesting subject (in my opinion), and turns it into a fun project.

    mary - Super-hero

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Not So Wimpy Teacher
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I am a third grade teacher who loves to create innovative and engaging lessons for my students!

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