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Product Description

Do you need a way to help your child or students easily learn how to convert measurements? This FREE Measurement Conversion Fan is the perfect tool for that!

Measurement Conversion Fans FREEBIE!

This is the perfect tool to help students learn how to convert measurements. My students keep these fans in their desks and binders for a quick and easy reference. You may not need all the fans included in the download. If not, you could easily pick and choose the fans that you need for your students. There are 9 fans in all! I've also included a page of blank fans for you to add other measurements that may be needed.Fans included:Customary Length - Inch, Foot, YardCustomary Weight - Ounce, Pound, TonCustomary Capacity (Liquid Volume) - Cup, Pint, Quart, GallonMetric Length - Millimeter, Centimeter, Meter, KilometerMetric Weight (Mass) - Milligram, Gram, KilogramMetric Capacity - Milliliter, LiterClock Time - Second, Minute, HourCalendar Time - Day, Week, Month, YearPeriods of Time - Decade, Century, Millennium How to use this product:Copy each page (there's 3 pages of fans) on a separate piece of colored construction paper or card stock. Each page must be on a different color. Have students cut out each fan piece and follow the directions to write the categories on the back. Connect the fan together with a brass brad.Optional UseI've included "fill in the blank" fans. Students fill in the missing measurements and then follow the directions to cut out the fan and write the appropriate categories on the back. It's a great assessment tool!


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A Love of Teaching began in 2011 with a love and passion for creating high-quality teaching resources for myself and my classroom.  It quickly took off, and now I'm able to offer a variety of affordable products and free resources that make teaching more effective and learning more fun.  I have 14 years of experience in the classroom.  I am passionate about creating rigorous and engaging products for teachers, parents, and homeschool educators alike.

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