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You can find many great math teaching tools for homeschoolers and teachers on Educents. Educents has quality math resources for all levels of mathematicians. Help students of all grade levels with math tools and resources from the Sellers of Educents. Games, activities, and worksheets are just some examples of the math resources you can discover on Educents. Make math fun with high-quality digital and printable resources created by educators. Your kids will love playing digital math fact games!

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Math is everywhere! Young children begin to learn math by counting and sorting items. Next, they learn how to apply numbers to amounts. Between ages 3 and 5, kids learn their numbers, colors, and shapes. In elementary school, students learn very important math processes. They learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers. Older elementary students learn how to use these operations with more complex numbers like fractions and decimals. In middle school, students move on to learning pre-algebra and algebra, as well as more complex geometry. In high school, students learn math to prepare them for college. The math they often focus on in high school is trigonometry, algebra, advanced algebra, geometry, and calculus.

Educents has hundreds of materials available for teachers and homeschoolers to teach math. The Math Mammoth curriculum is a very popular curriculum for 1st grade through 7th grade. This curriculum focuses on conceptual understanding, number sense, and problem solving. Educators can discover hundreds of math games on Educents. Choose math games that are already printed and ready to be shipped to you, or, you can instantly download math games to print and use today. Life of Fred is a unique math series where kids learn math skills through a book of stories and math activities. The Life of Fred series can be used for elementary aged students, all the way to students ready to learn Algebra.

Conceptual understanding is very important in math. Students are more likely to learn when they understand why the math works in such a way and how it can be applied in real life. Real-life math can be very fun and can come in the form of a game or activity. Trivia and math fact games are the easiest way to get kids engaged in math practice. Educents has many different resources that are fun and provide kids with conceptual understanding of math.


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