Math Mystery Book Review: A Solution for Kids Dealing with Intense Math Anxiety

One mom finds an engaging way to teach math to her son with math anxiety.

My son suffers from intense math anxiety. It takes over quickly, and shuts down his ability to learn and think rationally. We’ve been working on his math anxiety for two years now and, now at age 10, we are finally making progress. I've discovered the secret to dodging his anxiety is to present him with puzzles, mysteries and real life situations where math is critical to finding the answers.

We were both excited to test out this math mystery book. The 65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Math book is extremely approachable, readable and accessible. The math concepts are explained in very simple terms and the short story format allows it to be used in quick little bit sized moments.

Approachable Book for Kids With Math Anxiety

Math books with open-ended solve equations and multiple choice are intimidating and anxiety-inducing for my son. The story format of the Math Mystery Book is very easy to read and exciting for my son who has such intense math anxiety.

My son felt the stories were extremely real and relatable. He could see himself in the situations the characters were facing in the book and it gave him the opportunity to see how math integrates into our daily lives. He also found the little mysteries fun to solve and if he got hung up on a problem he could just flip the page and learn from the characters how they solved the problem.

This is a book my son will happily just sit and read for fun.

A Math Book Easy for Parents - No Prep!

I really enjoy the layout of the Math Mystery book. Each mystery is a short story. On the first page, kids are presented with the characters and their situation that kids use math to solve, but you are not given the answer on the first page. Flip to the next page and discover how the characters use math to solve the problem.  I also really appreciate how the answers are on the next page, rather than having to look up page numbers and search through the book to find the answers.

Parent-Approved Supplemental Math Lessons 

There is nothing more satisfying than watching your child face a challenge and say, "I got this!"

The 65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Math book is fantastic for upper elementary, students with math anxiety and those looking for a fun and educational book of short stories.

The 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math book is great for math confident children, those that are more advanced in their math studies and students who love trivia.

Together these books make a fantastic resource pack for children to learn ways that math is part of our daily lives. By presenting math as a way to solve daily problems, kids can see how becoming a math MacGyver will equipment them to solve any mystery that comes their way. 

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