Math Manipulative Printable Bundle


  • Grades: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

  • Subjects: Math

  • Product Type: Printable

  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

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Product Description

Included in this packet are black and white math manipulative activity printables for first grade! They are perfect for review, math stations, morning work, sub plans, early finishers and more! These are great to have on hand in any classroom! All you need to do it print and add dice, dominos or bears!

There are a variety of first grade math skills that are covered in this packet! 

Page 3: Greater Than, Less Than
Page 4-5: Add It
Page 6-7: Subtract It
Page 8-9: Add and Color
Pages 10: Roll and Cover
Pages 11: Graph It
Page 12: Pick One Up
Page 13: Domino Parking
Page 14: Odd and Even
Page 15: Addition Sentences
Page 16: Fact Families
Page 17: Number Sentences
Page 18-20: Race To....

Page 3: Greater Than, Less Than
Page 4: Add It
Page 5: Subtract It
Page 6: Before & After
Pages 7-10: Roll & Color
Pages 11-12: Roll & Cover
Pages 13-14: Graph It
Page 15: Double It
Page 16: One More
Page 17: One Less
Page 18: Roll It
Page 19: Partner Game

Page 3-6: Make it, Draw It {Students represent the number with bears and draw a picture to match it}
Page 7: Double Addition {Students make the double of a given number using bears}
Page 8: Graphing {Students graph colored bears}
Page 9: “Grab a Bag” {Students grab a bag of bears and make an addition and subtraction sentence to match}
Pages 10 & 11: Addition Story Problems {Students use bears to act out addition story problems}
Pages 12 & 13: Subtraction Story Problems {Students use bears to act out subtraction story problems}
Page 14: Patterns {Students create patterns with bears and then record them on the printable}
Page 15 & 16: Odd & Even {Students use bears to show if a number is odd or even}
Page 17: Ways to Make 10 {Students use colored bears to find different ways to make ten}


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