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Math Mammoth Multiplication 1 - 3rd grade downloadable workbook


  • Grades: 3rd Grade

  • Subjects: Math

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Math Mammoth Multiplication 1 is a fairly self-explanatory PDF worktext to learn the concept of multiplication and the multiplication tables. It has two parts: The first part concentrates on the concept of multiplication, the order of operations, and word problems. The second part is all about memorizing the times tables.

Math Mammoth Multiplication 1 is a fairly self-explanatory worktext to learn the concept of multiplication and the multiplication tables. It has two parts: The first part concentrates on the concept of multiplication, the order of operations, and word problems. The second part is all about memorizing the times tables.

I have created a systematic approach to memorizing the times tables. In this method, one table is studied at a time to mastery. The individual tables are NOT studied in the order of 2, 3, 4, etc. but instead the “easy” tables of 2, 5, 10, and 11 are studied first. The study order also includes studying the table of 4 right after the table of 2, and studying the table of 6 right after the table of 3, because the skip-counting patterns of those tables share some similarities. The lessons emphasize the fact that one multiplication fact is always in two different tables. This way, when the student gets to the hardest tables, the tables of 7, 8, and 12, there are only a few totally new facts to learn.

We always start the study of each table by memorizing the skip-counting pattern 7, 14, 21, 28, etc. first. Then we work on memorizing which fact is associated with which answer. This way your child not only knows what is 8 x 7 but also knows all of it “backwards” - that 56 is in the tables of 8 and 7. That knowledge will be an enormous help later, when the student learns division, factorizing, and finding LCM's or GCF's.

The book also includes a 12x12 grid at the end of almost every lesson in part 2 (see an example). The boxes for those answers that have not been studied yet are shaded and are not to be filled. Little by little, the shaded areas become fewer and fewer, and the progress is very visible to the student.

I encourage you also to use games for motivation and for practice. I have included a list of online multiplication games for that purpose. Of course, board and card games are perfect as well. However, games are not enough in themselves. The memorization also requires a mental effort from the student: sitting down with the skip-counting list, then with the facts, reading them, and then trying to remember them. The basic age-old technique of covering the list and trying to remember it is still very effective! 

I do not want to discount the value of songs or mnemonic devices, but they tend to isolate the facts in the child's mind as separate “odd trivia”. This book shows the patterns found in the multiplication tables in order to keep the facts in a structured context, and emphasizes learning the tables "backwards" in order to facilitate learning division.

If the student studies the multiplication tables well at one time, he does not need to come back to them in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. One time will be enough, and he can move on to division and other topics.

Multiplication 1 book is excellent for remedial teaching.


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    Good source for multiplication review!!!
    Aug 25, 2017

    I wanted to reinforce math concepts for my daughter who is 8yrs old at home. I used other math curriculums too but I really like the flexibility and ease of using Math Mammoth. You can choose grade level curriculum or just pick one topic to go over with your children. The downloadable option is economical as you can use it with multiple children . This is very easy to follow as each unit has it's own instructions and I help her with the concepts that she can't grasp easily. So a very good source for reviewing material that your child is already learning.

    Kanwal M
    Struggling Learns
    Dec 28, 2016

    I have been working with a group of 5th and 6th grades many of whom are significant below grade level (6th graders working on a 2nd grade level). This is the first year we have had a "defined" math support time, but we are each trying to work out how to best use this time for our students. This book helps to fill in gaps many of my students are missing. The organization and explanations a great and easy for my students to understand. I am looking forward to seeing future progress monitoring scores and seeing improvement. Thank you!

    Sarah - Teacher
    Singapore to Math Mammoth - Love it!
    Sep 20, 2016

    We've been using Singapore for the last year and a half, but though I love the conceptual understanding, it drives me crazy having so many books to keep track of! I'd been growing lazy lately, and only have her work through the workbook, but realized it was going so quickly through multiplication and division that she wasn't really memorizing her facts. We tried doing 2B without getting the Home Instructor's Guide, but I've often found myself feeling lost not understanding exactly what the priorities/goals were for a level. For instance, should we be focusing on memorization of facts yet, or will it come back around and work on that in the next level? I'm sure Singapore trained teachers are well-trained in teaching with these materials, but neither the textbooks nor workbooks contain much explanation for the rest of us.

    A friend had told me about Math Mammoth awhile ago, and the more I looked at Maria's materials, the more I liked them! So far, it seems to have my favorite things from Singapore (the conceptual understanding and developing mental math skills) combined with notes to the teacher and explanations to the student. I love having it clearly stated what the goals were, and understanding what's important to master now and what is merely an introduction to be a topic to be delved into more deeply later. And I love that I can give it to my daughter and she can read and work independently until she gets stuck.

    That said, we're still using the Singapore books we'd already purchased, but supplementing with Math Mammoth for more practice. Next semester, I intend to switch over and use MM solely.

    I also really admire Maria's obvious passion for math and enabling parents to be better teachers; she has so many excellent resources and videos on her website that our useful no matter what you choose!

    Sorry for the lengthy review, but I hope this might be helpful to others deciding between these two curriculum choices!

    Laura - Homeschooler
    Great math work!
    Mar 31, 2016

    Love! My oldest son had already mastered most of his multiplication but I decided it would be good review and it is a fantastic companion to Division 1. I couldn't be happier with the Math Mammoth curriculum!

    Samantha - Teacher

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Maria Miller, the author of the Math Mammoth books, is a math teacher turned homeschooler. She has a master's degree in mathematics with the teacher educational studies, and minors in physics and statistics. The aim of her math books is first and foremost to explain math in very simple terms, yet rigorously, concentrating on understanding of concepts. 

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