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Math Dice


  • Grades: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade

  • Subjects: Math, Writing

  • Product Type: Game, Toy

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With Math Dice, young mathematicians discover the amazing flexibility of math as they creatively combine numbers to solve for random target numbers. Whoever can match or come the closest to the target number wins!
Creativity and math: Two things that couldn't possible have anything less to do with each other. Right?


With Math Dice, young mathematicians discover the amazing flexibility of math as they creatively combine numbers to solve for random target numbers.

Start by rolling the two twelve-sided dice. Multiply the results and that's your target number. - "We rolled a 7 and a 4! The target number is 28!"

Now, roll the three six-sided dice - "A two, a 6, and a 5!" - Immediately kids blast off into an intense equation-building race!

"(2+3) x 5 = 25!"

"2 x 3 x 5 = 30!"

"25 - 3 = 29!"

"(5 - 2)3 = 27!"

"52 + 3 = 28!"

The first player to combine the three scoring dice using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and/or powers to perfectly match or come the closest to the target number WINS!

Whether playing at school or at home, discovering the creative side of mathematics becomes thrillingly FUN with the help of the Math Dice Game.

Math Dice
  • Dice game of building equations to solve for target numbers
  • Encourages logic, critical thinking, advanced math skills
  • Discover the flexibility of numbers and the creativity of math!
  • Roll 12-sided dice, multiply results to get target number
  • Roll 6-sided dice - Use those 3 numbers to build an equation that equals the target number
  • Use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, parentheses, and powers
  • Player to match the target number or come the closest to the target number wins
  • Includes 2 target dice, 3 scoring dice, practice tables (for writing out equations), game-go travel bag
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • Great for in the classroom or at home
  • High quality materials for lasting durability
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      Makes Learning Math Facts More Fun Than Work
      Nov 28, 2016

      We use the math dice to help our 8 year old with math facts. We play up to 100 or 50. Also backwards from either of those points. It has made it less work like. More entertaining than flash cards!

      Jessica C
      Math Dice
      Nov 28, 2016

      While we have not yet played using the official rules, the games look challenging and easy to follow. Currently we use the 12-sided dice to practice multiplication skills.

      Christina C
      Great for Fun Way to Learn Math Facts
      Nov 28, 2016

      I ordered this for my 4 year old twins to review math facts. We are homeschoolers always looking for fun ways to learn. This product does a great job. I recommend using math counters and using just 2 of the regular dice with just one of the 12 sided die to start out with - for younger children this makes the learning more concrete. My husband and I also enjoyed playing this with all the dice.

      Randy C
      Information about Math Dice
      Nov 28, 2016

      This is a great product to increase speed in math-- can be used for addition, subtraction, and multiplication. It is a lot of fun too.

      Jessica C
      Product review of Math Dice
      Nov 28, 2016

      Excellent game for children who are learning how to multiply, add and subtract. I use it as a center in my classroom.

      Jackie C

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