Math Bundle: Measurement, Money, and Time

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In this bundle you will find the following activities and centers: Ruler Measurement Activities/Centers Centimeters & Inches, Grocery Shopping Money Center and Whole Group Fun, and Clock Center and...
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Product Description

In this bundle you will find the following activities and centers: Ruler Measurement Activities/Centers Centimeters & Inches, Grocery Shopping Money Center and Whole Group Fun, and Clock Center and Paper Plate Clock Craft. You will save two dollars by purchasing this bundle instead of purchasing the products individually! Please visit the product links for previews.

4.000Measurement description:

These are fun and interactive math activities that you can use in whole group or as centers. All activities are to practice using a ruler and measuring centimeters and inches. Listed below is what is included in this pack and the description of the activity.

Seek and Find
Provide your students with the Seek and Find worksheet and a ruler. Send your students around the classroom, school, playground, or another room with those supplies. The students’ task is to find objects that coincide with the listed measurement and draw a picture and label what it is they found. Have fun!

Measure and Draw!
Provide your students with the worksheet and a ruler. Watch as your students’ love for math grows! The directions will tell the students to draw a line (of a specific length) with their rule. Then they are told to draw an object of the same length as the line.

Measuring product description:
Measure the Objects
Lay out the following objects (they are also pictured on the worksheet): pencil, eraser, glue bottle, glue stick, scissors, and book. Provide your students with a worksheet and ruler. Have them measure each object and write the length in the blank provided.

Include separate activities/centers for centimeters and inches.


Grocery Store Product description:
A fun center and whole group activity that has students counting money, adding money, and subtracting money while pretending they are working/buying things at the store. This center involves working with coins and dollars. You will need to provide real or play money to use with this center and whole group activity. Students will LOVE this!

Shopping Lists are used by students in a small group or at a center.
Option 1: Regular Checkout: A student is a cashier and another is a customer (Name tags provided!). The customer chooses a shopping list and collects the items on their list. Then they visit the checkout where the cashier is waiting. The cashier ‘scans’ the products and places them in the ‘basket’ Then the cashier enters the prices into the ‘cash register’. Both the cashier and customer add up their total on a receipt (can be done on the recording sheet or you can cut out individual receipts). The customer pays the cashier and the cashier counts the money to make sure it is correct and gives them change as needed.
Option 2: Self Checkout: The customer chooses a shopping list and collects the items on the list. Then the customer visits the self checkout. There they scan their items on the ‘scanner’ and enters the prices into the ‘cash register’. They add up their total on a receipt and give the correct change. They will double check their payment and give themselves change if required.
Word problems can be used for whole group/exit tickets or for a center that does not involve the receipt pages. This is because some of the questions require more than the adding the coins together and making change.

I have included:
-Cash register
-Store basket
-Name tags
-Fruit and Vegetable Cards
-18 Word Problems
-18 Shopping Lists
-Store Sign
-Answer Key
-Sales Record Sheet (for cashier)
-Payment Record Sheet (for customer)
-Whole Group Response Sheet
-A price check sheet (for cashier and for students to keep in their math folder for whole group)
-Regular response sheets and response sheets for exit tickets
-Labels to keep on bins where the fruits and vegetable cards will be kept
-Labels for checkout and self checkout
-Record Keeping Sheet so you can record their mastery for each task card

Telling Time Product Description:
This is a fun and interactive center that also allows for craft time. Students will love this center! Included in the this pack are the materials to make a paper plate clock for individual clock manipulates for your students, analog clocks for a center (students draw a time from a cup, show the time on their paper plate clock, record it on the recording sheet along with the time they pulled from the clock so you may check their answers), a recording sheet for their center or you may use it for whole group to check their answers, and a Time Master Check Sheet so you can check off time intervals as they master them and can analyze where the students need assistance and extra practice.

Analog Clock Times Included:
-Half Hour
-5 minutes
-10 minutes
-15 minutes
-20 minutes
-25 minutes
-35 minutes
-40 minutes
-45 minutes
-50 minutes
-55 minutes


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