Math Addition, Subtraction, & Bar Graphs Concessions Performance Task


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Engage your students by having them apply mathematical skills in a real world setting.

A performance task is a real-world scenario that requires students to apply learned skills and knowledge across content areas in a new or unfamiliar context. Because a performance task is an assessment, students must be given ample opportunity to learn the skills contained in the task before completing it. Students learn the skills or knowledge through daily activities and lessons, then instead of a paper-and-pencil test, students are given a performance task. The results from a performance task can then be used to identify students who need reteaching of specific standards. There are different ways to design a performance task, but my favorite is the GRASPS model. 

This performance task requires students to use addition & subtraction within 1,000 AND create/interpret scaled bar graphs to run a concessions stand. 

Scoring Rubric
Helpful Tips Page
4 Activity Pages
3 Answer Keys

3rd Grade Math Standards assessed through this task are:
Numbers & Operations in Base Ten 
Measurement & Data. 
Specific Standards are:

This task can also be used for 3rd graders or as a review for 4th & 5th graders.


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