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MASTERING MULTIPLICATION {Skip Counting, Task Cards, Assessments & More!}

Preparilli Press

Preparilli Press
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Is your child having a tough time grasping basic multiplication? Or are you looking for an engaging approach that applies multiplication to the real world?
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Categories: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, Math
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Product Description

Is your child having a tough time grasping basic multiplication? Or are you looking for an engaging approach that applies multiplication to the real world?

MASTERING MULTIPLICATION is designed to help your students master their multiplication tables and move them to a greater understanding of the applications for multiplication.

They will begin by learning each numbers’ skip count series. Skip counting is a valuable math skill and the foundation of multiplication! Using the Skip Count Assessment sheets, they will systematically apply this knowledge to:

-- completing skip count patterns
-- writing and solving equations for arrays
-- determining missing factors
-- building equivalent fractions
-- and solving word problems.

Once the multiplication facts for a number are grasped through skip counting, your students can delve into the Units of Measure. On the Units of Measure sheets, your students will:

-- learn each number’s (2-8, 10, & 16) prefix, or terms for that number
-- visual identify the number's unit conversions
-- apply their skip counting knowledge to discover conversion answers to basic (and more challenging) word problems/task cards

This pack also provides instruction on even and odd numbers, squares (a number times itself) and prime numbers.

Blank multiplication tables, task card recording sheets and tests for fluency are also included.

Did I mention this pack includes 252 TASK CARDS?
96 Primary Task Cards for numbers 2-16 and their squares
18 Skip Counting Sequence Cards to identify and complete the series
24 BASIC Units of Measure Cards--no skip counting, just the basic conversions
66 Units of Measure with Skip Counting Cards
24 Challenge Cards with multiple operations
24 Prime Number Cards

These task cards can be used with the Assessment or Recording sheets included in this pack, or orally.

Answer keys are included for all assessments and task cards.

Check out the THUMBNAILS to see what is included and then try out the first steps in this pack with the {Freebie!}.

For your visual learners, you might like UNIT MEASUREMENT CONVERSION Charts with Overlays. It is a hands-on Customary Units of Measure Conversion Pack that will help your students SEE the comparison of one type of unit of measure to another. It includes overlays of:
* liquid units (from teaspoons to gallon);
* dry units (teaspoons to cup);
* weight units (ounces to pound); and
* measurement units (inch to yard).


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    Thorough packet
    Jun 09, 2016

    Quite a lot is included. This is a very thorough package.

    Caroline J - Homeschooler - Member Since April 2016

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Preparilli Press
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The aim of Preparilli Press is to train up children--not only to be successful students, but also to LOVE learning. Connect with me on Facebook and at Preparilli Press to see these products in action and grab some great freebies.

Before becoming a homeschooling mom, I received my Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Florida.  After graduating, I had a career as a base planner for the United States Air Force.  While working at the USAF Academy, I met my pilot-husband and began travelling the US and growing our family.  Since 2005, I have homeschooled our seven children in South Carolina, Washington, New Jersey, Illinois, and now, Alaska! I love being a part of my children's education. We have four boys, three girls and lots of learning styles. Every year brings new learning adventures and challenges--and I look forward to sharing them with you. 


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