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Master Books

About Master Books
Master Books® is the world’s largest publisher of creation-based material for all ages including apologetics, homeschool resources, reference titles, and quality children’s literature. It is one of New Leaf Publishing Group's three imprints. Since 1996, Master Books® has been a part of New Leaf Publishing Group, and is an important focus of our growing base of retail and homeschooling customers. Master Books® remains a strong voice of truth in defense of the Holy Scripture from the very first verse, continuing the evangelistic tradition and vision at the

Product Reviews

(22 Reviews)
(22 Reviews)

    Biblical Worldview History!
    Oct 06, 2016

    This is a very engaging resource for anyone wanting to teach their children the Biblical Creation-based timeline of History. The pull-out chart is fun and colorful. Design of book engages any age but especially good for grades 1-6. This book does not present the evolution theory of dating/history of man so would not be appropriate for those looking for that theory's timeline. Excellent for anyone wishing to compare and contrast the differences between theory of evolution dating and Biblical dating.

    Kristi J - Homeschooler - Member Since September 2015
    Beautiful Book
    Aug 19, 2016

    This is a beautiful book--I can't wait to give it to my husband who is a huge fan of The Pilgrim's Progress and John Bunyan. I'm always impressed with Master Books (we have many of their books) and this book is exactly what I would expect from them.

    Celena M - Seller on Educents - Member Since November 2013
    My kids love it
    Aug 01, 2016

    This is not your typical geography book. It includes all kinds of interesting information about each place. The kids, of course, love the actual passport.

    CAROLYN G - Seller on Educents - Member Since November 2013
    Religious Propaganda not History
    Jun 08, 2016

    The book begins with Adam and Eve? I wanted a history book not a religious book. It's a joke. Buy it if your kids want a good laugh.

    Andrea K - Homeschooler - Member Since May 2016
    Good product
    May 02, 2016

    This is a text book with a workbook . Reading and worksheets. If that is the type of work you child enjoys, then this is a great resource.

    The schedule provided stretches the curriculum out for a full year, with work assigned every-other day. We will be doing work every day and finishing in a semester. After all, the publisher recommends only 1/2 credit for the course. Why stretch it out for an entire year? I will be using it for my 12 year old in 9th grade. It is straightforward and will not be too difficult for him.

    We will also be supplementing with Khan astronomy videos, stargazing and night viewing, and a week-long space camp. The book and workbook wasn't varied enough for our homeschool style. But, since the publisher does recommend it for a half credit, you would not HAVE to supplement.

    J C - Homeschooler - Member Since December 2015

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