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Magnetic Responsibility Chart


  • Grades: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

  • Subjects: Early Childhood Development

  • Product Type: Toy

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Product Description

Believe us, this chart works! Easy for children to understand (excellent for non-readers), suitable for all ages, offers a variety of chores, positive behaviors & rewards on 90 magnetic pieces that kids love. Kids race to pick their own magnetic rewards. Two blank pieces to personalize. A dry erase surface allows even more personalizing! 12x16 inches (closed), 24x16 inches (open).
Encourage independence, watch your kids blossom into cheerful workers, reward performance, and get a little help around the house!

Why do we love this neat jobs chart? Because it's better than a jobs chart - It works! Easy for children to understand (excellent for non-readers), suitable for all ages, offering a variety of chores and positive behaviors on magnetic pieces that kids love.

This Magnetic Responsibility Chart includes 90 wooden magnetic pieces (2 blank pieces for personalizing). A dry erase surface adds to its versatility. Exciting enough to send your kids racing to choose a favorite reward!

Partial List of Chore & Behavior Magnets:
Make Bed, Brush Teeth, Get Dressed, Put Clothes in Wash, Clean Room, Do Homework, Put Toys Away, No Whining, Don't Use Bad Language, Say Please & Thank You, Apologize to Someone, Share, Keep Hands to Yourself, Take Care of Pet

Partial List of Reward Magnets:
Awesome, Great Job, You Did It, Super, Well Done, Lookin' Good

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart
  • Magnetic Board Made of High Quality Wood
  • 90 Wooden Magnetic Pieces
  • Pieces Depict Chores, Behaviors, Rewards
  • Messages & Pictures Meet the Needs of any Family
  • Magnets So Strong They Will Not Fall Off The Wall
  • A Dry Erase Surface Adds to Versatility
  • Dimensions:
    12 inches X 16 inches (closed)
    24 inches X 16 inches (open)

    All kids-including those with mild or profound disabilities-benefit from experiences with chores. For a great read, peruse Children and Chores courtesy of Quest, the magazine of the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

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      A Big Hit!
      Mar 12, 2017

      We bought this chart for our five-year-old, because she's been asking for some responsibilities around the house to earn pocket money (actually, she's been asking to get a job, but we explained why that's not an option... :)). She's was so excited to set up the chart and pick her responsibilities. We found all of the responsibility options to be very relevant to her age group and beyond. I think we'll be enjoying it for years!

      Alice C
      My rating of Magnetic Responsibility Chart
      Feb 14, 2017

      This is working great so far with our 3 year old now that he realizes it is not a game or toy. We have chosen specific behaviors and explained them to him. He is now somewhat understanding the rewards of good behavior. His goal is to get as many smiley faces as he can which excites him to see all the good he has done for the day. If he does not get a smiley we discuss the reasons and he is willing to talk about that now.

      Steve M - Homeschooler
      The kids like it.
      Jan 05, 2017

      This is a very well made product, as one would expect from Mellissa & Doug. It comes with all the magnets we need. I like the pre-made responsibilties, but it does include 2 or 3 blank ones if you have some special chores. The kids like updating it each night, but I haven't used it long enough to say whether or not it has really helped improve behaviors, etc. It's great for what it is.

      Lauren B - Homeschooler
      Information about Magnetic Responsibility Chart
      Jan 03, 2017

      This is a great product. We are using it in combination with the 4 category piggy back to teach our 4 year old financial literacy and it is working.

      Magnetic responsibility chart
      Dec 08, 2016

      We bought the chart for our daughter to use for her three children. She said she is most likely to regift it, as she didn't think it would be worth her time to try and get her kids to follow it.

      Madhura K - Parent

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