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Categories: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, Reading, Writing
Product Type: Printable

Product Description

This is a card game played similar to Uno. This game gives students additional practice reading long vowel words. There are 292 word cards and 44 special cards (wild cards and vowel cards) for a total of 332 cards. There are also blank cards that you can add your own words. You can also adjust the rules of the game to accommodate your class.

Each player gets 7 cards. All other cards are placed in a stack in the middle. Dealer turns the first card over. If it is not a word card, place the card back into the deck and find a word card. 
Students take turns playing by matching a card from their hand to the discard stack. Matches are made by words with the same vowel combination. For example: if the card on top of the discarded pile is a red card with the word rake, a match would be made by laying down a card with any color c-a-c-e word such as shape and read the word. Players can also make matches by color as long as they are able to read the word.
The special cards can only be played by matching the color unless it is a wild card. The special cards are the same as in Uno.  
Reverse- change direction of play
Skip- skip the next player
Wild-player picks the new word pattern
Wild Draw 4- player picks new word pattern and next player draws 4 cards and is skipped
Draw 2- player draws 2 cards and is skipped
Vowel Cards can be played with any word with that pattern + 1 more card. Ex: player 1 plays rake. Player 2 plays a-e card AND face.
4. Play continues until one person plays all of his cards.


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One Room Schoolhouse
12 Reviews

I am a special education teacher in a Title I school.  This is my 18th year in the classroom.  I have a variety of resources for helping students master grade level skills.

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