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Life of Fred Financial Choices Book

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  • Grades: 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade, College+

  • Subjects: Math

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Product Description

Teach financial independence with everyone's favorite math prodigy!

Who is it for?

Life of Fred fans!

Recommended ages 15 to adult

Why buy?

If you want wear clothes or eat or live indoors, this book may help you accomplish those goals.

What is included?

  • Three reasons to use a credit card
  • The ultimate use of money
  • The five places to invest
  • How to retire in 24 years (Nothing financial is 100% certain—but this comes close.)
  • Five suggestions for choosing a good spouse
  • Insurance—what to buy and what not to buy
  • Taxes—the seven categories
  • Personal habits that will help make you successful
  • Real estate—what to buy and when to buy
  • Stocks, bonds, mortgages, REITS, certificates of deposit, mutual funds
  • How Kingie made his fortune.


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    Life of Fred
    Aug 23, 2017

    Just reading "A Note Before We Begin" tells you that this is no ordinary math book. Health & a loving family are extremely important, & yes, money can add pleasure to life. Jane Austen (the first chapter) would have appreciated this book if it were written during her lifetime. Even Robinson Crusoe makes an appearance as well as the Grim Reaper. I don't want to tell you everything-you'll have to get a copy and read it yourself-a math book that reads like your favorite novel!

    Bev T - Super-hero
    Great book, Great service
    Aug 10, 2017

    The book is written in a fun way to make learning interesting. I have two child who do not like math, Life of Fred makes it more fun.

    Annett W
    So important and so fun
    Jul 14, 2017

    The Life of Fred books are worth every penny. It's great to have a series of books with characters the kids love, stories that keep their attention and real life lessons to help them become responsible, mature and prepared adults. Thank you!

    Susanna S - Super-hero
    Never disappointed
    Jul 12, 2017

    If your child struggles with math, Life of Fred may be the answer for you. It has truly helped my student who has learning issues. We went from tears to enjoying math with Life of Fred.

    Such a practical math book
    Jun 25, 2017

    This book includes so much practical math that you can be sure your kids will use!

    Beth A

About the Seller

Life of Fred - Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt

Follow Fred, a five-year-old math professor at Kittens University, as his funny adventures lead students through all the math they'll ever need. Starting from basic kindergarten-level arithmetic, the Life of Fred book series teaches all the way through college math.

Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt designed these books to keep students engaged while also making math concepts memorable. Perfect for independent study, each unit teaches ideas that can be applied using real-world examples.

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