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Life of Fred College Math Series

Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt

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Follow our favorite math character to college!

Choose from four Life of Fred College prep math sets:

Linear Algebra
Five Days

Perfect math for college bound students or adults ...

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Categories: 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, Math
Product Type: Book

Product Description

Follow our favorite math character to college!

Choose from four Life of Fred College prep math sets:

Linear Algebra
Five Days

Perfect math for college bound students or adults that need a refresher course in higher level math. 

For more fun-filled books on your favorite character, visit the Life of Fred page! 

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Who is it for?

  • College prep or college students who love math and reading!
  • Adults who want to brush up on their math skills with fun stories!

What's included?

Calculus (Retail $45 for set)

Learn the mathematical study of change as Life of Fred Calculus covers infinitesimals to differential equations. With over 500 pages, you can learn topics such as Functions, Limits, Speed, Slope, Derivatives, Concavity, Trig, Related Rates, Curvature, Integrals, Area, Work, Centroids, Logs, Conics, Infinite Series, Solids of Revolution, Polar Coordinates, Hyperbolic Trig, Vectors, Partial Derivatives, Double Integrals, Vector Calculus, and more! 

Statistics (Retail $45 for set):

Learn about collecting and analyzing data with Life of Fred Statistics! In this unit, you will learn Descriptive Statistics (averages, measures of dispersion, types of distributions), Probability, Bayes' Theorem, From a Given a Population Determine What Samples Will Look Like (7 tests), Techniques of Sampling, From a Given Sample Determine What the Population Was (14 tests), Determine Whether Two Given Samples Came From the Same Population (15 tests), Working With Three or More Samples (10 tests), Emergency Statistics Guide, Regression Equations, Field Guide, 16 Tables.

Linear Algebra (Retail $52):
Fred goes on a picnic with his two best friends. This is a college-level (post-calculus) course in Linear Algebra which includes
all the standard topics:

  • Systems of Equations with lots of ways to solve them
  • All Kinds of Spaces—Vector, Inner Product, and Dual Spaces
  • Linear Transformations including linear functionals

Topics include: Solving systems of equations with one, many, and no solutions. Gauss-Jordan elimination. Gaussian elimination. Matrices. LU-decomposition. Vector spaces. Inner product spaces. Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization process. Fourier series. Data fitting. Linear Transformations. Linear functionals. Dual spaces. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Markov chains.

Life of Fred: Five Days of Upper Division Math: Set Theory, Modern Algebra, Abstract Arithmetic, Topology (Retail $19):
Rather than a course of study, this book is a sampler of advanced math for students who love math and Fred and want to preview courses they may take later.

Upper division (college junior/senior) pure math is much different than calculus. No “word problems,” no formulas to memorize, no concrete applications—just puzzles to solve. Instead of learning procedures, students create definitions, theorems, and proofs.

These are the first five days of Fred’s teaching set theory, modern algebra, abstract arithmetic, and topology. Each of the 139 assignments/puzzles/questions that he gives his students calls for creativity rather than doing drill work. Some of these can be done in a minute. Some will take several hours to complete. They are all meant to be enjoyed.

  • The first day of set theory: cardinality of a set, set builder notation, naive set theory, modus ponens, seven possible reasons to give in a math proof, the high school geometry postulates are inconsistent, the proof that every triangle is isosceles, normal sets.
  • The first day of modern algebra: definition of a math theory, six properties of equality, formal definition of a binary operation, formal definition of a function, definition of a group, right cancellation law, left inverses, commutative law.
  • The first day of abstract arithmetic: circular definitions, unary operations, the successor function, natural numbers, the five Peano postulates, mathematical induction.
  • The first day of topology: topology is all about friendship, listed and counting subsets, open sets, the discrete topology, the three axioms of a topology, models for a topology, open intervals.

By the fifth day Fred will have covered the Schröder-Bernstein theorem (set theory), proved Lagrange’s theorem for subgroups of any group (modern algebra), defined the real numbers based only on the concept of “adding one” (abstract arithmetic), and explored continuous images of compact sets (topology).

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    Love this series.
    Nov 22, 2016

    I love this book. I am reviewing statistics for various reasons and the is just one of the best books I have ever read. I love math/statistics, so it's a good read for me, but these books just make math learning so easy.

    Firstname L - Member Since November 2013
    College Math made easy
    Oct 12, 2016

    I bought this set for my son almost 2 years ago. He is currently going to Boise State and majoring in math. Life of Fred has made it so that all of his college level math classes are basically review. He is now taking them to earn the official credit, but says they are very easy because of Life of Fred. He would have been able to skip several math classes, but they are required for his major (Applied Math, thanks to the love of math that came from Life of Fred--- Life of Fred has been his primary math program since Fractions). Thanks for another GREAT set of books!!!!!

    Janet C - Member Since November 2013
    Fred Does Not Disappoint!
    Apr 11, 2016

    My children enjoyed the Life of Fred series from early grade school through high school. I bought this upper level book for my daughter who is studying for her Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics. She loves it! Just like the earlier Life of Fred series, she can't put the book down. Way to go Fred!

    Joan G - Parent - Member Since March 2016
    Calculus made practical and applicable to life
    Mar 03, 2016

    We have enjoyed the elementary and intermediate math series by Life of Fred, and though we don't have any children at the calculus age, we decided to buy it and see what it was like. I would have loved to learn Calculus this way! I struggled with Calculus because it felt so theoretical, but Life of Fred helps make practical application of very difficult material. I am looking forward to using it when our children are ready. Meanwhile, mom and dad are enjoying the refresher with, perhaps, more learning than the first time around.

    Amanda K - Member Since November 2013

About the Seller

Life of Fred - Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt
824 Reviews

The Life of Fred contains fun stories about a child prodigy math genius your students can follow along as he gives real-world examples of everything from math to language arts. In the Life of Fred Elementary Math Series, your students will learn everything from telling time, division, beginning algebra, and more!


You can purchase one book at a time or the entire set at a discounted price! Order more as their skills progress such as the Life of Fred Intermediate Series that incorporate biology, physics, and economics using pre-algebra formulas.


The stories carry on through the exercises, and many of the books have a series of quizzes that bridge them to the next chapter. Some books have all the problem solutions in them, while others have separate answer keys or companions.

Written by Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt, these affordable books were designed to keep your students engaged in math while also following along a storyline. Perfect for independent study, each unit teaches concepts that can be applied using real-world examples. Find out more by reading this blog post!


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