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Life of Fred Beginning Readers Set #1

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  • Grades: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade

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Product Description

This is the first set of six books of the Life of Fred Beginner Reader Series. Buy the entire series to save even more!

Who is it for?

Beginner readers (ages 4 and up)


Why buy?

Kids already love the Life of Fred stories, now they can read more stories to develop their reading skills!

When you do the math, you are getting each book for less than $6!

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What is included? 

The first six books of the Life of Fred Beginning Reader Series - Blue, Bus, Lake, Potato Dreams, Ducks, Rain

Each book contains 32 pages. 


The set includes the following six titles:

  • Eden #1 - Life of Fred: Blue. Meeting Fred and his doll and kick off the three series set with Life of Fred Blue.
  • Eden #2 - Life of Fred: Bus. Take the bus with Fred and Kingie to the lake with Life of Fred Bus!
  • Eden #3 - Life of Fred: Lake. Fred goes on a hike and learns how to deal with wild life in Life of Fred Lake!
  • Eden #4 - Life of Fred: Potato Dreams. Learning to talk about your dreams and making french fries. Learn why Kingie wears two different hats with Life of Fred Potato Dreams.
  • Eden #5 - Life of Fred: Ducks. Learn about three emotions: sad, happy, and afraid with Life of Fred Ducks.
  • Eden #6 - Life of Fred: Rain. Fred and Kingie are stuck in the rain! Read along as they deal with ducks laying eggs in Life of Fred Rain. 




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    Fred is a hit!
    Aug 22, 2017

    I heard about these books from multiple sources, online and in person, and after reading waaaaay too many reviews, decided to get them for our 6yr old. She /loves/ them. She reads them to us with such expression because they're silly and quirky and she loves pointing out what's odd about each situation.
    I'm excited to get the second set for her and learn more about Fred! More than just reading comprehension comes out in these books. I've noticed a lot of people commenting on their "DIY" feel, and yes they certainly are. However, if you have a very creative munchkin who is constantly drawing, designing and crafting, I think these books really reach them because it's so like what they do themselves. They're incredibly relatable for the intended age group.
    While they, of course, won't meet each person's expectations and/or needs, I wanted to share how much we've enjoyed them and I hope you do too, if you try them out!

    Tiffany C - Homeschooler
    Underwhelmed... plus, be advised, no returns/refunds allowed...
    Jul 30, 2017

    This book set was not quite as advertised. I expected more of an educational, self-correcting aspect to the book, as far as aiding in reading instruction. Also, as previously mentioned, it definitely has a DIY look to it. This is important to note, as there are no photos of the inside of the books for you to see. My low star rating also has to do with the customer service. I opted to return this set, as it did not meet my needs and I did not feel it was quite as advertised. Be aware, despite indicating a return policy online and on the purchase order, they will not actually accept returns. For not having the option to preview inside the books before purchasing, the returns should not be so difficult. I requested a return/refund 9 days ago and I am still waiting for Oceana to "contact her manager regarding my request"... ;(

    Colleen M
    Wow... Terrific for my 5 year old
    Jul 27, 2017

    I heard about these books from a homeschooling blog, and ordered them up. My son LOVES them... We pretend I'm the stuffed animal, and he's Fred... such a hoot. And because there are few words, he has to interpret from the pictures...great teaching tool...and these will be terrific books for him to read as he JUST started reading books himself... I hope there are more in the series

    Quirky, but a blast to read
    Jul 21, 2017

    If you can overcome the DIY production quality, then you'll see the charm these books bring to beginning readers. There's a little bit of math, a little bit of geography, and a whole lot of bizarre. My 5 year old son loves it though and as a parent, I find the stories pretty charming. The books are pretty sturdy also, so they seem like they'll last a while.

    Darren J - Homeschooler
    Working for us!
    Jun 09, 2017

    My son is a late reader. He is a creative,humorous kid. He also has a short attention span....therefore the books I used with his older brothers didn't work for him. This is part of why I now homeschool -the ability to adapt to each kid and their personality. My son finds these extremely funny. He reads these without anyone asking him. Not your typical reading books, but they are working for us.

    Ln P - Homeschooler

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Life of Fred - Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt
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Follow Fred, a five-year-old math professor at Kittens University, as his funny adventures lead students through all the math they'll ever need. Starting from basic kindergarten-level arithmetic, the Life of Fred book series teaches all the way through college math.

Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt designed these books to keep students engaged while also making math concepts memorable. Perfect for independent study, each unit teaches ideas that can be applied using real-world examples.

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