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Life of Fred Beginning Algebra

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Product Description

Join Fred Gauss, a child genius who teaches at Kittens University, as he guides your children through factoring, quadratic equations, and much more! Get the entire College Prep Math series and save even more!

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Who is it for?

High school students. For extra algebra practice, students can use Zillions of Practice Problems for Beginning Algebra.

What is included?

544 pages of fun stories to get kids excited about math!

Subjects covered:

  • Multiplying polynomials
  • Solving systems of equations by graphing
  • Negative exponents
  • Symmetric Law of Equality
  • Rational numbers
...and much more!

Why buy?

Parents and teachers love Life of Fred because it actually gets and keeps students engaged. Instead of the usual "drill and kill" approach, Fred teaches through entertaining stories that children remember forever. The author, Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt, developed this method through years of teaching mathematics in high school and college. Your students will never ask, "When are we ever going to use this stuff?"


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    Aug 27, 2017

    I've just bought 'Decimals and percents' through 'Advanced Algebra' from the Life of Fred series and I'm very hopeful... For a long time now I've been looking for a book (or a series) to teach math, from its logical beginnings through high school level in a way that doesn't frustrate the student and kill the joy of doing mathematics. Even though there are many excellent programs out there, none really grabbed me as being exactly what I was looking for, and I think the Life of Fred series fits the bill. The storyline is charming in my opinion and the material appears to be quite thorough. Beyond that there's lots of interesting information about all sorts of topics (from oboes to Avogadro and more...), and special attention was given to how math can be applied to life (well at least to Fred's life). Please note that some parents feel that there isn't enough drilling in the main book for each topic (though the author does not agree with this) and so for such homeschoolers the 'Zillions of problems' books were written.
    Since the books arrived only a week and a half ago, and since we're not up to 'Beginning Algebra' yet anyway, I cannot say that I have much experience with it, but I do have a number of suggestions for excited newbies like me.
    1. First of all do research. In general the reviews on this series are raving, and in my opinion rightfully so, but I do recommend downloading the samples (for me it was easiest to find them on the 'bundle and save' pages on this site) and having a look for yourself. Also look at what people are saying about it and other programs on the different homeschooling forums. In the end it has to work for you, and I must say- it really is a new and creative approach to teaching math...
    2. Look at other options and think about supplementing. I know that some people supplement this series with other programs, while others use this as a supplement. I'm hopeful that this series is enough, and as said before it appears to be, but only time will tell.
    3. Don't buy too many books if you're not sure about it. Start off with a few, see how it works out, if all is well - buy some more. I assume that there is no need to say this, but I needed to hear it so I'm passing it on...

    Shlomo B - Super-hero
    I was skeptical
    Aug 09, 2017

    My daughter is loving Life of Fred, and most importantly, she is LEARNING. She does her lessons cheerfully, though sometimes she does get stuck and frustrated like anyone studying math. But...she doesn't give up, and she keeps trying because it's fun, there are multiple chances to master a skill, and she loves the challenge of figuring out how the "story" is going to end once she figures out the math. If your child is sick of Saxon (like mine was), try LOF. Both my kids begged to change from Saxon. One loves Teaching Textbooks CDs (straightforward, all onscreen, get it done and move on). And one loves Life of Fred (creative, story-based, good for picture-thinkers, nothing onscreen). Take the time to see which math works for your learner. Life of Fred might be the spark that turns them on anew to math!

    Elizabeth S
    Loving LOF
    Jul 14, 2017

    My son absolutely HATED math before LOF. Now he looks forward to it. Need I say more?

    Susanna S - Super-hero
    A wonderful all-in-one algebra curriculum
    Jul 06, 2017

    I love that LOF Beginning Algebra Expanded Edition is the only book I need to buy my high-schooler for math this year - no extra teacher guide, or answer key, and no separate workbook to purchase. Since we started homeschooling, we've been using Life of Fred. It's nice to hear him laugh while doing math!

    Brooke R - Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher, Super-hero

About the Seller

Life of Fred - Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt

Follow Fred, a five-year-old math professor at Kittens University, as his funny adventures lead students through all the math they'll ever need. Starting from basic kindergarten-level arithmetic, the Life of Fred book series teaches all the way through college math.

Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt designed these books to keep students engaged while also making math concepts memorable. Perfect for independent study, each unit teaches ideas that can be applied using real-world examples.

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