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Life of Fred - Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt

About Life of Fred - Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt
The Life of Fred contains fun stories about a child prodigy math genius your students can follow along as he gives real-world examples of everything from math to language arts. In the Life of Fred Elementary Math Series, your students will learn everything from telling time, division, beginning algebra, and more!   You can purchase one book at a time or the entire set at a discounted price! Order more as their skills progress such as the Life of Fred Intermediate Series that incorporate biology, physics, and economics using pre-algebra formulas.   The stories carry on through

Product Reviews

1510 Reviews
1510 Reviews

    Life of Fred-Mineshaft
    Jun 21, 2017

    I am using it to help bring more confidence to my granddaughter . She loves to read and the combination of reading and math seems a perfect match so far.

    Mary Ann A - Member Since May 2017
    Meaning Math
    Jun 14, 2017

    My daughter is using this as a supplement for the summer. She starts without complaint. She finds the stories humorous. I almost wish there were 1-2 more problems with each lesson. Excellent way to incorporate math!

    Christy L - Member Since May 2017
    Fred Doll
    Jun 14, 2017

    What a great way to reward your student for finishing a Life of Fred math book! My 13 year old got a real kick out receiving one.

    Susan A - Member Since May 2017
    We love Fred!
    Jun 11, 2017

    At the pace my son is moving through the Life of Fred series, I can see him completing this book, over the summer. Reading through the book, myself, I'm excited for him to learn all the areas of math it offers... adding and subtracting fractions, denominators and especially, learning about savings and expenses!

    Jesenia M - Member Since May 2017
    Great book!
    Jun 11, 2017

    I see my son completing this as the final book before "official high school math". It includes a wealth of information, such as Venn Diagrams, conversion problems and solving word problems. I like that it also touches on other subjects, such as payday loans and standard of living.

    Jesenia M - Member Since May 2017

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