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Learn to Read - Levels 3 & 4 Complete: Word Families (Early Emergent Readers | Kindergarten | Ages 4-6)

Hooked on Phonics

Hooked on Phonics
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Designed to help your child learn the building blocks of reading, Learn to Read Levels 3 & 4 covers: A Review of Letter Names and Letter Sounds, Short “a” and “i” Vowel Sounds , Adding “... View Full Description
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Product Description

Designed to help your child learn the building blocks of reading, Learn to Read Levels 3 & 4 covers: A Review of Letter Names and Letter Sounds, Short “a” and “i” Vowel Sounds , Adding “-s” to Nouns and Verbs, Short “o,” “u,” and “e” Vowel Sounds, The “-ck” Ending Sound, Compound Words, and 34 New Sight Words.

Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read Levels 3 & 4 Complete includes both Kindergarten levels of the complete 8-level Learn to Read series. 

  • Level 1: All About Letters (Pre-K)
  • Level 2: All About Letters (Pre-K)
  • Level 3: Word Families (Kindergarten)
  • Level 4: Word Families (Kindergarten)
  • Level 5: Beginning Phonics (First Grade)
  • Level 6: Beginning Phonics (First Grade)
  • Level 7: Intermediate Phonics (Second Grade)
  • Level 8: Intermediate Phonics (Second Grade)


Designed to help your child learn the building blocks of reading, Learn to Read Levels 3 & 4 covers: 

  • A Review of Letter Names and Letter Sounds
  • Short “a” and “i” Vowel Sounds 
  • Adding “-s” to Nouns and Verbs
  • Short “o,” “u,” and “e” Vowel Sounds
  • The “-ck” Ending Sound 
  • Compound Words
  • 34 New Sight Words


This set includes:

  • 12 Original Storybooks written to reinforce the skills your child learns in the program
    • Cat
    • Tag
    • Pig
    • The Kit
    • In the Bin
    • The Rats
    • Pop Fox
    • The Fog
    • Fun in the Sun
    • Dog Bug
    • Ted
    • Pig's Backpack
  • 2 Bonus Books by the award-winning children’s book authors and illustrators David Ezra Stein and Rosemary Wells
    • Tim and Sam by David Ezra Stein
    • Big Bad Ben by Rosemary Wells
  • 2 Workbooks that will guide you and your child through all of the lessons and many fun activities
  • 2 DVDs filled with music videos and fun introductions to each lesson, where letters come to life
  • 2 Sets of Stickers to proudly display in the workbooks and celebrate reading success
  • 1 Quick Start Guide


Designed in conjunction with leading educators, award-winning authors, teachers and parents, Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read uses a proven, simple, and fun method to give your child a strong foundation in phonics and reading skills. 

  • Learn: Your child learns to read new words by watching the DVD and reading the workbook.
  • Practice: Your child practices reading the new sound combinations and words in the workbook.
  • Read: Your child puts it all together to read a great story.
  • Celebrate: Celebrate success after each lesson and track your child’s progress!



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    I reviewed this wrong before
    Dec 22, 2016

    Before I only gave this three stars due to me making a mistake. I opened the number two and never opened box labeled three, thinking I had the first one. But I didn't. I just gave up using it when I thought I was missing something. But when I opened the other box, I found all I thought I was missing, I have been using it and it is wonderful and my son is learning fast!

    Jennifer P - Homeschooler, Parent - Member Since August 2015
    my kids love this so much, we bought the whole set
    Oct 17, 2016

    My kids love these books. My daughter (age 4.5) started with the K books at the beginning of the summer, and she is now already confidently reading books from the library.

    Christina A - Homeschooler - Member Since February 2016
    Mar 04, 2016

    I was a little disappointed because even though there are two packets in this, there was a pack number one somewhere, maybe it's a preschool pack, but there are things he was supposed to know before beginning this pack that are integrated in the work that he doesn't know because we don't have whatever came before it and I thought it would be complete.

    Jennifer P - Homeschooler, Parent - Member Since August 2015
    Aug 25, 2015

    I bought this after witnessing a co-worker's child (6 years old) reading a book (probably 2nd grade level) all by himself, and understanding it. I asked my co-worker if he was gifted, or if she just spent a enormous amount of time teaching him to read. She said all she did was get the hooked on phonics Pre-K thru kindergarten, and he did the rest. She said she did go over the work books with him, and gave him works of encouragement. I decided to get one for my oldest boy (6). He already had a good comprehension on word sounds and things like ch, sh, it, or, on, etc. I feel like I have ripped him off for not getting it sooner. If you spend any more time thinking about getting this, and your child knows and can make the sounds for respective words, you are wasting time. My kid loves this stuff. He ripped thru 11 lessons in a row. We review the lessons the next day, and yes he needs reinforcement, but WOW! This is awesome, they should be using this in all schools.

    I just ordered the Pre-K pack for my younger boys, who are a tad slower than average, but want to do what big brother is doing.

    Joanna M - Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher, Super-hero - Member Since August 2015

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Hooked on Phonics
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Learning to read is one of the biggest milestones in your child’s life, and we are so proud of the trust parents place in us to help them play a role in teaching their children the building blocks of reading. Welcome to a wonderful journey--we are here to make it both easy for you and fun for your kids!


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