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Lazer Pitch Baseball


  • Grades: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade

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Control the timing of each pitch with the innovative Lazer Pitch Baseball machine - customized for hitting success. Remote control bat, adjustable pitch height - step up your game, improve your timing, and become a baseball star!
Step up your game, improve your timing, and become a baseball star!

Control the timing of each pitch with the innovative Lazer Pitch Baseball machine - customized for hitting success.

Holding the remote control bat, kids step into the batting box. Taking their stance they press the button on the bat and SWING! The pitching machine releases the baseball when, and only when, your child is ready.

A whizzing fast pitch, softball lob, or a 90 degree lofty pop-up - Kids can adjust the machine's angle for the perfect pitch. When the light turns red you know a ball is coming.

Want to use your own bat? Quite all right. Just set the machine to auto for a pitch every 8 seconds.

Practice timing and control all day long if you wish. Improve coordination and confidence! The Lazer Pitch machine is a swinging success.

Win big with your kids and set up a grand slam victory right in your own backyard with the Lazer Pitch Baseball.

Lazer Pitch Baseball
  • Electronic pitching machine with remote control bat
  • Improve baseball timing, coordination, hitting
  • Encourages gross motor skills, outdoor exercise, baseball practice
  • Press button on bat to activate pitch
  • Adjustable pitch heights - fast pitch, softball lob, 90 degree pop-up
  • Use your own bat - auto mode pitches every 8 seconds
  • Red light lets you know a ball is coming
  • Plastic bat and balls
  • Includes: pitching machine, remote control bat, 5 baseballs
  • Requires 4 D, 1 9V batteries - Not included
  • Durable quality for lasting fun
  • Click on the Video Tap above the product image to see it in action!

    Note: Lazer Pitch Baseball is not compatible with real baseballs, for use with plastic balls only.
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      Difficult screws!
      Feb 20, 2017

      We were so excited to give this birthday present to our 6 year old grandson who loves baseball! We were disappointed at the struggle to unscrew the screws to the battery cases, both in the base unit and for the bat. We had multiple sized phillips heads, but the screws were really hard to unscrew. Then, once we did that and got the batteries into the unit, it was hard to screw them in. Further, the case did not hold the batteries tightly in the base unit, so we had to improvise by putting some cardboard in the base unit, next to the batteries so the case would close tightly. That was not really safe, but we did it so the toy would work! Once it got going, it was fine. But, the construction challenges took a lot of delight out of the day.

      Elizabeth C
      Great gift
      Jan 01, 2017

      I bought this for my 7 year old grandson. Even though we are in PA and it was cold on Christmas Day, he was outside playing with it. He loves it. It's easy to set up and use. I'm looking forward to Spring when he can play with it more and doesn't have to rely on anyone else/me to play ball.

      Jessica C
      Information about Lazer Pitch Baseball
      Nov 27, 2016

      Worked very well more suited for 5year old grandson than the younger one who is 3.

      Elizabeth C
      Review of Lazer Pitch Baseball
      Nov 27, 2016

      6year grandson was excited to receive. Wanted to play with it but did not have all batteries required..

      Heidi C
      Product review of Lazer Pitch Baseball
      Nov 27, 2016

      Excellent product. It works wonderful, just like it's suppose to. It has taught little 7 year old ball player that he CAN hit the ball with the bat. Boosted his confidence a lot and he needed that. He loves and enjoys it, also.

      Sophia C

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