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"Reading is a skill that is used in every aspect of life. Young children begin reading words in real life, such as signs and menus. In pre k and kindergarten, students practice reading short sight word books that help them learn about phonetic rules and patterns. They learn sight words such as ""the, and, and it."" Beginning in 3rd grade, students begin to focus reading for comprehension. Reading levels get increasingly more difficult at every grade level, challenging students to read and understand different kinds of text.

Educents provides a variety of resources for different levels of readers. You can download sight words lists and worksheets for your beginning reader. You can also download different grade levels of vocabulary to practice with your students or with your children at home. Educents Sellers offer phonics programs that make learning the rules of the English language easy and fun. The Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read system is the well-known Hooked on Phonics learning program in a digital

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Tricky 450! 6th Grade Spelling Workbook | 30 Weeks | Daily Lessons | Weekly Tests | Most Commonly Misspelled Words | Mid-term | Final
Tricky 450! 6th Grade Spelling Workbook | 3...
$19.98 $29.98

Spelling Classroom - Spelling & Vocabulary & Novel Studies Both Interactive & Printable


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