Kodable Programming Curriculum


  • Grades: All

  • Subjects: Math, Science

  • Product Type: App, Game

  • Format: Subscription

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Product Description

Help your child learn 21st century skills! Get the Kodable Programming Curriculum and enjoy HOURS of fun learning about the building blocks of CODE! Curriculum materials and LESSON PLANS included, so you can learn along with your child. Kids explore the universe of the FURRY ALIENS called fuzzes and help them solve challenging programming problems. Along the way they learn about sequence, algorithms, conditions, loops, functions, and variable data types.

Who is it for?

  • Kids 5-11

  • Homeschoolers

  • Parents
  • Your little scientist
  • Math learners


What's included?

  • Programming learning guides that explain key concepts
  • Fun screen free lesson plans for each concept
  • 4 student accounts
  • 1 Parent log in
  • Track your child's progress through the independent lessons
  • 150+ independent lessons covering sequence, conditions, loops, functions, and variables. 
  • Supports:
    • iOS 6.0+
    • Android 2.3+
    • OSX 10.8+
    • Windows 7+
    •  Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer


How it works

To get started: 1. Go to https://www.kodable.com/parents 2. Click "Get Kodable" 3. Register and enter your voucher code You will be walked through setting up accounts for your children and can view the curriculum from your parent dashboard. You will also need to install Kodable on your child's device. (Android, iOS, Web, Mac, and Windows supported)


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Did you know?

There will be 1 Million programming jobs unfilled by 2020, and less than 10% of these jobs will be filled by women. 

Programming teaches you to think critically and problem solve. Whether or not your child goes on to be a computer programmer, they will need the skills to work with technology. 

Kodable is a programming curriculum for kids as young as five! Your child will learn to use conditions, loops, functions, and how to write and think algorithmically. Before reaching middle school, they’ll know the building blocks of every modern object oriented programming language. The Kodable Curriculum introduces these concepts in a fun and engaging way that is perfect for little learners. 




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