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Kids' Candor

About Kids' Candor
The Kids' Candor idea was born through our own search for developmental materials for our own pre-school children. Being native Spanish speakers, my husband and I set out to raise our children bilingual and certainly could use the tools and the time to do so. We not only encountered an enormous challenge in finding the right materials in the marketplace but found ourselves devoting precious time (we could have spent with our children) to searching and researching on best practices, approaches and activities to stimulate our children’s development in their early years. We also discovered

Product Reviews

1 Review
1 Review

    What a lovely package
    Jun 12, 2016

    This is great, as there are bilingual resources and music (trilingual?) resources included -
    Guides: 20 Bilingual Activity Cards
    Music: Kids' Candor CD in English and Spanish: Playing Music
    Book: The Frog Was Singing By Rita Rosa Ruesga
    Toys: Kids Preferred - Amazing Baby Musical Instrument Gift Set

    Shandra M - Parent - Member Since April 2016

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