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Get 30% off this DVD to learn the names of 33 inventions and their inventions! Pictures of the inventor and their inventions inform and inspire!

Trigger a world of excited study by learnng the names of  inventors and their inventions in a song!  Students quickly and easily learn inventors that are well known such as Edison,Ford and the Wright Brothers in addition to those not as well known - the inventor of the radio, ice cream cone, and many more!  This can be used as a springboard for students to continue their study by reading a biography and conducting further research to learn more about an inventor!



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Sue Dickson's Songs That Teach
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Sue Dickson's Songs That Teach uses music to teach  foundational information.  Sue's songs quickly and easily teach children the US Presidents, Inventors and Inventions,  the Constitution, Sight Words, as well as the basic addition/subtraction facts and the multiplication/division facts. 

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