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How to Make Geography Lessons Stick

 How do you teach geography? Do you spend hours creating a map, labeling, cutting and pasting? It's so fun imagining all the ways this Mona MELisa reusable US Map can be used in the classroom or at home. All the states, capitols, and geographic information is ready for you to stick on to the map!

Geography Activities to Try:

1. Play "Name That State" with family and friends.

What better way to get the whole family together than a game for kids of all ages. Work in teams or alone to identify states and challenge seasoned family members in lightening fast rounds.

2. Need some direction? Use the compass to have children in the class describe where states are in relation to each other. 

Let your kiddos take turns directing each other around the country by using the directions on the compass. They'll have an awesome time walking their fingers from east from west in search of the correct state-- but be sure to watch out for the oceans!

3. Guess and reveal state capitals by peeling away the brightly colored shapes. 

Remembering capitals can be tricky, but the easy to peel states with state capitals hidden underneath offer up a great way to ditch the flashcards and take the learning to the walls!

4. Keep track of where you've been (or where you're going). 

I love this one! Use the state names to label the states where all of the students in your class have been.



Mona Melissa Peel & Play Geography Set

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