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For Homeschool, Parents, and Tutors The Spanish Homeschool Program includes all the same content as the Spanish School Program, but with materials adapted for a smaller and more intimate setting...
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We really love the Risas y Sonrisas spanish program. It is a great product, well thought out, well laid out and my kids are really enjoying themselves. Completely worth the expense and I am so glad we found a program we like! Kimberly

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For Homeschool, Parents, and Tutors The Spanish Homeschool Program includes all the same content as the Spanish School Program, but with materials adapted for a smaller and more intimate setting. This version of the program includes hard copies of the Interactive CD, the Skits DVD, the Sign & Sing DVD, the Music CD with 39 songs, and the Cognates Pronunciation CD. The Homeschool Program is ideal for 2-4 students but can be expanded for larger groups by adding additional workbooks and other materials available in our online store.

Student Textbook with Interactive CD + Skits DVD

The textbook is divided into 8 chapters, each of which contains 4-5 vocabulary units. Each vocabulary unit is introduced with a song. Students can follow along by looking at the colorful illustrated vocabulary page in the textbook, or by reading the lyrics in the lyrics booklet. Each unit also includes a set of commonly used Q&A. Those Q&A are combined with the vocabulary in a skit presented at the end of each unit. A cultural point closes the chapter. Reading skills and grammar concepts such as masculine/feminine, adjective/noun agreement, present/past/future tenses are introduced by using associations, color-coded words, and creative visuals to make it easy for children to understand and learn at their own pace.

The Interactive CD provides students and instructors with an interactive Flash version of the book, divided into five sections: Pronunciation, Songs, Vocabulary, Q&A, and Present/Past/Future Tenses.

The Skits DVD presents humorous skits acted by native speakers with Spanish subtitles.

Set of Activity Workbooks 1-4

The Activity Workbooks provide opportunities to reinforce in writing the material that the songs, games, and conversation present. Each workbook covers 1 of the 4 modules (2 of the 8 chapters in the book), and is full of fun illustrated activities that go with the songs, skits, vocabulary, and Q&A. The back cover of each workbook has 40 original colorful cognate picture to review with the Q&A.

The set includes 1 of each Activity Workbook. It may be advisable to purchase an additional set for each student using the program.

1 Music CD with Song Lyric Booklet

Music CD with 39 Song Lyrics Booklet

The Music CD includes 39 songs with catchy tunes that introduce children to Spanish vocabulary and phrases. Music is one of the most powerful tools for accelerating the learning process.

These songs can also be rehearsed with the  Sign & Sing DVD, the interactive CD line-by-line feature, or by looking at the pictures in the Textbook.

1 Sign & Sing DVD with Song Lyric Booklet

Sign & Sing DVD with Song Lyrics Booklet

The Sign & Sing DVD introduces two languages at once by singing the songs in the program while signing along in American Sign Language. The ASL signs anchor movements to words, helping children learn vocabulary faster, remain physically engaged, and have fun.

The songs in the DVD can also be rehearsed with the Music CD, the Interactive CD line-by-line feature, and by looking at the pictures in the Student Textbook.

Domino and Mini Verb Conjugation Card Set

These can be used as traditional flashcards or to play the Domino game, where students match words to their corresponding pictures. The Mini Verb Conjugation cards have personal pronouns with slits to insert verb word cards and build sentences in the past, present, and future.


  • 12 vocabulary units with 24 tiles each: Body, Numbers, Opposites, Wild Animals, School, Verbs, Food, House, Places, Occupations, Clothing, Farm Animals
  • 4 vocabulary units with 12 tiles each: Colors, Shapes, Emotions, Directions
  • 9 Mini Verb Conjugation Cards

1 Cognate Picture Card Set with Folder and Audio CD

Cognate Picture Card Set with Cognate Folder and Pronunciation CD

The Cognate Picture cards have beautiful color illustrations of easy vocabulary words that are very similar in Spanish and English. They are designed to help students discover Spanish words that they already know and can be used to practice pronunciation skills, enrich the Q&A, or build picture sentences.

The Cognate Cards are divided into 14 different categories: Animals, Musical Instruments, Sports, Transportation, Fantasy, Insects, Fruits, Vegetables, Food, Nature, People, Locations, Liquids, Reptiles, and House.

The Folder is included for students to practice and store their work, and the Pronunciation CD demonstrates the correct pronunciation of each cognate word in Spanish.

1 Homeschool Instructor Manual

Homeschool Instructor Manual

The Homeschool Instructor’s Manual provides full lesson plans for all 4 modules, including innovative activity and game ideas, tips for increasing the length of the program, and help in adapting the program for non-readers. The Instructor’s Manual also helps instructors learn and become comfortable in the Risas y Sonrisas methodology. Finally, even if you don’t speak Spanish yourself you can still make it fun and engaging for your children or students. For best results, we always suggest that parents get involved and learn right along with their children. It will be easy and fun with Risas y Sonrisas!


Lessons are aligned with ACTFL Standards

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    Wonderful Homeschool Spanish Program

    We really love the Risas y Sonrisas spanish program. It is a great product, well thought out, well laid out and my kids are really enjoying themselves. Completely worth the expense and I am so glad we found a program we like!

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    Apr 20, 2016

About the Seller

Spanish for Kids
(4 Reviews)

When I started teaching Spanish in elementary schools in 1993, it was very difficult to find quality materials to teach children. Additionally, my classes were offered after school, which challenged me to motivate students who were often tired by this time. In order to be successful, I had to make Spanish classes fun for the students so they would be eager to learn and always look forward to our next meeting. I also had to make them effective so that parents could see how much their children were learning and would happily send them back for future sessions.

I put all my effort in developing materials that appeal to children and gradually discovered a passion and a talent for it. As others heard about my program, it began to grow. Before I knew it, I had more after-school Spanish classes than I could handle, and I began hiring other teachers to help me in other schools. At the same time, I was volunteering at my children’s school coordinating parent volunteers to teach Spanish to K-5 students for thirty minutes, once a week.

As more parents became aware of how important it was to teach Spanish to their children, they began asking me how this could be achieved in their schools. It was then that I decided to start providing my materials to more schools, letting them handle the teaching. I gave up the after-school classes to devote myself full time to the development of “Risas y Sonrisas.” That’s Spanish for “Laughter and Smiles,” which is what this program is all about—the joy of learning Spanish.

Today schools all over the country and around the world are following the program I started many years ago. In the Leander Independent School District in Austin, TX, there are now over 25 elementary schools implementing my original concept of teaching Spanish with parent volunteers. Risas y Sonrisas has won prestigious awards, and its accomplishments and successes have been cited in newspaper articles and broadcast media. Public and private schools in the United States—as well as schools as far away as China, The United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa—are now using “Risas y Sonrisas” to enrich their Spanish language classes.

Our next project will be to complement our program with more uses for the interactive whiteboard as well as to develop interactive eBooks for the students. We would like to strengthen our relationship with the schools using Risas y Sonrisas in order to develop a community of teachers who can support each other and trade new ideas. Please join our mailing list so we can keep you updated!

It has been an amazing journey with incredibly rewarding and unexpected results. We are constantly looking for feedback in order to continuously improve and add to our materials. We encourage teachers to let us know what they think about our curriculum and where they would like to see it go.

Through Risas y Sonrisas we continue to share our success with others—schools, teachers, homeschoolers, parents and especially the students who benefit the most from learning to speak and love Spanish from an early age.

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