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Educents is the trusted on-line site for quality educational resources to help you teach health and nutrition. Whether in a classroom or homeschool setting, we have everything you need to make health and nutrition fun and engaging for your students. You will find e-books and content related resources for a wide range of grade levels. We also have interactive notebooks, hands-on activities and games that students thrive on. Help your students learn more than just facts; help them gain knowledge of health and nutrition that they can apply to their lives now and in the future.

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The study of health and nutrition just may be the area that has the greatest effect on our students’ physical well being. A well-rounded health education should include the topics of food and nutrition, weight management and exercise, mental health topics including stress and peer pressure, and safety and first-aid. A quality health education prepares our children for life and how to maintain overall health physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Although this can seem like a daunting task, Educents is proud to provide you with some innovative products and ideas to help you teach health and nutrition at all grade levels. Younger students will focus on making healthy food choices and ways to take care of their body. Games and hands-on lessons help engage those learners. Try Food Group Bingo, a dental health activity pack or a full year activity guide and curriculum plan that gives you everything you need. As students progress, the depth of their study in these topics does too. Educents can help you find curriculum and supporting resources for all ages. Permacharts have some amazing colorful and detailed resources for first aid. Help your students develop their research skills and learn about health through an interactive notebook or lapbook. An e-book makes a great textbook for a more structured approach to teaching the class.

Weaving the topics of health and nutrition into daily life can help students see how to use what they learn on a daily basis. After teaching about nutrition, allow students to create their own meal plan or menu. After learning about the important of exercise, let students plan and lead exercise sessions with their classmates and/or family members. Finally, students could create a healthy lifestyle calendar with one idea, activity or tip for each day of the month or year. What a great end of course review!


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