Middle Schoolers will learn STEM concepts with these books, without even realizing it!

Looking for a way to prevent brain drain and keep your middle schooler entertained throughout winter break? These Blended STEM Fiction Books are the perfect gifts for kids who love reading, or even reluctant readers as the stories are fun, engaging and hard to put down! These fictional adventures about other teens solving mysteries and saving mankind teach your kid science, math, technology, engineering, language arts, history, and art lessons along the way. Plus, the books come with free teacher's’ guides with instructions for exciting science experiments you and your child can spend quality time doing together over winter break.

Blended STEM FictionThese page-turning STEM stories make a great holiday gift.

The Stories & Educational Concepts

In the first book of the set, “Leonardo da Vinci Gets a Do-Over,” a group of middle school students’ field trip takes an exciting turn. While on a tour of an art museum in Florence, Italy Leonardo da Vinci, brought back to life to make the world a better place, joins their tour. The kids go on a fun & hilarious adventure with him to complete his task while he teaches both the children in the story and your child STEM concepts as well as Renaissance-era world history and art lessons along the way.

STEM concepts covered include prisms, light, proportions, the metric system, speed, sound waves, the Fibonacci Sequence, human body science, Bernoulli’s principle, and so much more.

In the second book, students read a story that is blended with history, math, science, and computer programming concepts. A group of kids form a secret league of scientists and use their knowledge of biology, technology, logic, and chemistry to unravel mysteries that haunt their quiet town. This ghost mystery book has a science-fiction feel to it, making this a great book for kids who already love reading books about aliens, spooky monsters, time travel, or technical innovations.

Besides some creepy moments, there are unexpected lessons from this book that touch on cyber bullying, military time, evidence, cryptology, Houdini, and goosebumps.

The concepts are brought up and explained by the characters, so if your student learns best through stories, or needs to learn concepts outside of a textbook format, these Blended STEM Books are a fantastic supplement to your curricula.

blended-stemBring concepts to life with free activities and lesson-plans.

Teacher Guides Transform Stories into Hands-On Lessons

The teacher guides are jam-packed with teachable moments, lessons, activities and more for every subject (including vocabulary and language arts!) broken down by chapter.

For example, in the “Leonardo da Vinci Gets a Do-Over” teacher’s guide, you have ready-to-go activities for visualizing the Fibonacci sequence with a Mona Lisa Puzzle, building a pinhole camera, and experiments for understanding Bernoulli’s Principle.

In the “Ghost in the Water” teacher’s guide, you will have instructions for guiding your students through creating their own ghost in the water via a fluorescein science experiment, a binary code breaking activity, and activities to understand the effects of vibrations on structures.

The instructions for the experiments and activities are easily adapted to doing with your child one-on-one or in a classroom setting.

blended stem 2
Your child will have a blast using this hands-on Mona Lisa Puzzle Activity.

Why These Books are Awesome

This fantastic set of STEM Fiction Books combines multiple subjects to challenge your reader while following an exciting plot. These books don’t just end when the chapter is finished - they create unique experiences of reading, researching, discussing, developing theories, conducting experiments, and creating hands-on scenarios of the concepts from the plot.

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