Children engaged in STEM learning gain in-depth knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and math - but also acquire life skills as they work to solve real world problems. 

Over the past 10 years, growth in STEM jobs was three times greater than that of non-STEM jobs. Even if your child doesn’t pursue work in a STEM field, they will need some literacy in these areas.

A Month Dedicated to STEM Education

We are dedicating the entire month of February to STEM education and activities. All month, Educents will provide you with helpful articles, videos, and discussions with STEM experts to support you on your learning journey.

Here's a few topics we're exploring this month:

STEM Education - a toolbox for raising STEM-minded kids
Should we push girls into STEM learning?
STEM activities to do on a budget
How to add robots to your lessons
Routines to make your child more math-minded


Discover New & Loved Homeschooling Resources 

Whether you're looking for new supplements, science experiments, or different methods of teaching - we have it all. Each week, Educents will share exciting STEM education strategies, in addition to lists of tried and true STEM resources already loved by educators. 


Sale on STEM Education Resources

But that’s not all – throughout the month, small businesses are offering a special sale on popular STEM resources.

- Goldie Blox - STEM tools that empower girls to build their confidence, dreams and ultimately, their futures. 
- Human Body Detectives - Kids listen to an exciting story about their bodies and retain lessons with worksheets and activities. 
CCP Interactive – These workbooks guide kids through hands-on STEM activities and lessons. 
Times Tales – Teach kids the upper multiplication tables in an hour or less. 
The Young Scientist Club - Grab a set of 7 science experiment kits (ships free to the US).
SimplyFun - Develop math skills with this money-management board game
Mallow World - Use games and flash cards to teach computer programming to kids
Rock 'N' Learn - This set of science DVDS cover a variety of sciences, like earth science and the human body.
Learn Math Fast - This time-saving math curriculum using coins and other hands-on techniques to teach math concepts from beginning to end.

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