I’m the type of mom who is more busy than creative, so I usually don't think outside the box to make our homeschool lessons fun – we have been sticking to the lesson plan. But my second-grade son wanted some more fun activities. He loves science, so I supplemented his lessons with the Know Yourself Anatomy Adventure Kit.

I used the kit’s hands-on projects to supplement anatomy lessons. My son is much more aware of his five senses after completing the projects. It was fun to watch how the adventure kit sparks his imagination, too! After doing a sight activity using UV light and invisible ink, my son plans to play "spy bros" games with his friend.

While the adventure guide gives you easy to follow step by step directions, it was also easy to modify some of the projects to test my son’s theories. 


Hands-On STEM Experiments

My son loves any opportunity he gets to do science experiments! We just finished the first adventure that demonstrates the five senses. The kit contains everything needed for these projects except for a blindfold, and any kitchen ingredients you want to use for the smelling activity.

The five senses learning activities include...

  1. Sight: Seeing how refraction sight works by looking at a book through a water filled glass
  2. Smell: Smelling spices blindfolded and discussing what they think the smell is, what it reminds them of, and how it makes you feel.
  3. Hear: Hearing rhythms to explore sound waves and rhythm patterns
  4. Taste: Using food coloring to find your fungiform papillae (bumps that contain your taste buds)
  5. Feel: Using putty to find different textures on various surfaces, and using the sense of touch to feel the textures on the putty.
  6. And more!

Comic Book Adds History

I did not expect a comic book to come with a science kit, but it was a pleasant surprise. Instead of using a handout or lesson plan, the comic book teaches your kids the science lessons that correlate with the activities in the kit. As a mom, I appreciate how the characters go back in time as part of the story line.

Kids are not only learning scientific concepts, but also a bit of history at the same time! Anytime I can get in some "sneaky learning" is a win in my book! 

Ways to Add Science Kits to Your Homeschool

Use these kits to fit your homeschool needs in the following ways:

- With one child
- Save the materials to use with your younger children
- With a group of children ages 5 and up  
- Supplemental activity for lessons about the human body
- In your homeschool co-op - simply set up a station for each of the activities and have the kids- rotate through each station

The best part is that you don't need to pair it with anything! If you're like me, simply looking for something to add some fun in your day this adventure series will not disappoint!

Homeschool-Tested, Mom-Approved

My son is loving the Know Yourself Adventure Series. He really enjoys hands on learning, and these kits are chalked full of learning opportunities. The best part is, he didn't feel like the kits were "doing school." He didn't view the adventure series as just another lesson we needed to complete.

As a busy mom, I appreciate the simplicity of the kits. The projects are fun, educational, and thought provoking for kids. At the same time, they are not over the top and take hours to complete. With these kits, we can learn through hands on activities. It was easy to add into our homeschool day. I didn't feel like we needed to miss any of our other homeschool lessons to fit the kit activities into our day.

The best part, the price is right! The fact that the adventure kits come with everything needed to complete the projects means you save time and money. Not only are the kits affordable, but the activity materials are re-usable. These activities can be done repeatedly, perfect if you need to save them for a younger child!

Overall, I feel the Know Yourself Adventure Series is an excellent resource to add some spark in your homeschool day at an affordable price.

Click here to learn more about the Know Yourself Adventure Kits.

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