I believe there is value in routine, but I also love to find new ways to break up the monotony of everyday life and make our educational journey exciting. Enter... Friday Fun Days! Once a month or so, Friday becomes a floating "holiday" when unexpected fun is thrown into the mix. The kids never quite know when it's coming, but they do know if they've been doing awesomely in school, not complaining, making me a happy mama, Friday Fun Day is just around the bend.

Last month, M is for Monster made our Friday Fun Day amazing... and took away the need for any prior planning. I love goodies like this!

M is for Monster is a super high-quality subscription box geared at preschoolers. You can easily adapt any of the lessons and activities for older kids to get in on the fun, too. My oldest daughters, both age 11, enjoy the read-aloud stories and get especially creative with the activities. While my kiddos were working on their chores, I hid in the backyard and unpacked the M is for Monster box on the patio table. I was very impressed with the quality of the items sent. Each month's box includes 4 books with activities that relate to those books. All of the books were new releases, so you can be pretty certain you won't be getting books your kids have already read.

What's included?

Each theme in the M is for Monster box is meant to be done per week so if you go by the rules, you'll be busy with it all month long until the next box arrives. Each M is for Monster box includes four books, and educational activities related to the stories. Our themes included Desert, Crocodiles, Three Little Pigs, and Police Officers. They featured gorgeous, super fun books and unique activities that implemented reading, math, science, art, and social studies. The box included everything I needed to complete all of the activities right down to the pencils, markers, and glue.

M is for Monster is the perfect answer for the mom or teacher who wants to spend time with her kids, teaching them, playing with them, learning with them.

It does all of the thinking, prepping and shopping for you and that is a godsend! This is the most perfect subscription box for any early childhood educator, homeschool mom, school teacher, or daycare provider that I have been able to find... and believe me, I've looked! Try it. You'll love it!

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Our Zootopia-Themed Activity

We completed the Police Officer theme on Friday Fun Day. The box included Ink Prints, Dress Up, Police Car Counting, Phone Numbers, and a book about policing rodents. Some of our favorite activities of all were making crocodiles out of clothespins and decorating houses for everyone's three little piggies. There was a math activity for each of these goodies, so there were around 20 "crocodiles" and just as many little piggy erasers. While these activities could be done with one child, enough items were included to keep up to four children entertained and content. After reading the book, we completed the clothespin crocodile math activity. For now, the books and savable supplies from our box are sitting in this week's Book Basket for further enjoyment. That way, whenever the kiddos get the urge to write dad a ticket, imagining they're Officer Hops from Zootopia, want to repaint their crocodiles or go through the Desert Animals book and find out what that creature is which they just spotted in the backyard (yep, we're desert dwellers!), the books and the goods are ready!


Click here to learn more about the M is for Monster Box Subscription.

How to Choose the Right Subscription

M is for Monster comes in two different subscription choices - with or without books. All in all, my kids had a blast with the version that included the stories and so did I. We thoroughly enjoyed the themes and stories while I appreciate the thought the creators put into each lesson and activity for every single month's box. This mama is thoroughly impressed! The price tag on the monthly subscription isn't cheap but in my opinion, it's worth purchasing if you have extra in your budget or worth saving up for. I will definitely be purchasing M is for Monster in the future! After all, it's about time for another Friday Fun Day!

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