American Learning Library is a comprehensive resource library that houses a variety of subject areas – including science, social studies, literacy and several cross-curricular integrations. Its digital library is stocked with digital books, videos, recipes, worksheets, lesson plans, and more. This resource is the backbone of any curriculum – homeschool or in public school. 

The library has hundreds of resources, but these stood out to me:

- Science: Videos and visual information to supplement boring science textbooks.
- Social Studies: Lessons that bring world cultures to life with videos and visuals
- Easy to Read: Kid-friendly language for research projects.
- World Religions: Non-bias facts about multiple religions around the world.
- United States: Equitable information and interactive lessons about all 50 states.

American Learning Library - US States
Interactive Resources for all 50 U.S. States

Not to mention – these resources are available to access on all devices – including iPads!


Tool for Self-Guided Learning

American Learning Library - Egypt SelfGuided
Self-Guided Egypt Course

My favorite part of American Learning Library is the Self Learning Topics section. This section has a variety of topics that are self-guided. If you have student that is very interested in a subject this would be a great way for them to learn more information about the topic. Each topic is divided into sections and has text, sound, photos and video.

In my classroom I would like to use this section of the site with my fast finishers and students who need more enrichment. I really think the students would love the self-guided aspect with high interest topics.


Curriculum Library for Preschool to 7th Grade

The majority of American Learning Library offers resources useful for kids in 3rd to 7th grade. 

However there is a section that is geared towards kindergarten through 2nd grade. Topics range from math and science to colors and shapes.

My four-year old girls loved the fairy tales. It would be great in a preschool classroom too!

American Learning Library - FairyTales
Cinderella fairy tale

American Learning Library is full of wonderful resources for your classroom whether it is at home or at school. The content will enrich your lessons and make planning easier for you! It is nice to have so much content for so many different subjects all in one place. From jungles to science lessons and Rhode Island to The Gold Rush and more the American Learning Library will enhance your lessons.

 Click here to learn more about the American Learning Library.

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