Rock 'N Learn

Teach math concepts and aid memorization with these fun and entertaining DVDs! 

Is your child a visual learner? Or do they love to sing and dance? If so, Rock 'N Learn DVDs might make a big difference for your child's math understanding. From the Early Math Collection that covers simple math, time and money, to the Multiplication & More Collection with DVDs for multiplication, division, fractions and decimals, your child will be learning without even knowing it.

These award-winning DVDs are ideal for helping your child learn independently or learn on the go. Browse the Rock 'N Learn storefront for their full selection of DVDs for PreK through 9th grade covering subjects such as math, science, social studies, langauge arts and foreign languages.

Here’s what one mom says about the Early Math Collection: “My daughter was struggling with telling time, counting money and addition. The DVD arrived in mail today and my daughter was excited about watching them. First time she was excited about learning telling time and how to count money. I am so glad I ordered this.”

Learning Wrap-ups

Use these unique tools to make K-6th math learning more engaging.

Learning Wrap-ups has been providing educational products for over 30 years. Our products offer a fun and unique way for students to successfully memorize math facts, vocabulary concepts, and more!

Learning Palette is ideal for learning centers and allows teachers and parents to meet the individual educational needs of students by providing a wide range of titles in math and reading, that enhances any curriculum.

"Over my entire career in elementary education, nothing helps students develop fact fluency better than Learning Wrap-ups." Craig Poll, Elementary Superintendent, DCSD, Farmington, Utah

"Learning Palette is the best Learning Center product I have ever used. Every elementary classroom should be using it." Barbara Holland, Math Director, Mansfield ISD, TX

Math Medalist

This 2-in-1 board game sharpens your child's recall skills.

With games for both addition and multiplication, Math Medalist from SimplyFun gives kids ages 8 and up a foundation for a lifetime of math success by honing their math fact recall abilities.

In the addition game, your child will add to 100 in 10s to score tiles and become the winner. Then they can flip the board for a completely different game multiplication facts to take control of areas and create the highest score! 


These innovative blocks bring geometry concepts to life.

Reptangles are changing the way kids learn about geometry. The colorful turtle shapes snap & slide together in over 100 incredible ways!

Plus, each set of 24 Reptangles comes with a bonus activity book with 80+ puzzles that encourage young minds to explore geometry and design through shapes.

“We bought this for our son for Christmas-- he loved it so much and played with it all the time. After a couple of weeks he said that if he had more of the turtles he could make his creations even bigger and better. So, we bought a second box and now everyday we get new, huge, complicated geometric shapes. He's so proud of his creations!" - Carol

HomeSchool Math Crusade

Middle and high school math is easier with HomeSchool Math Crusade.

Delivering a Great Middle/High School Math Education by Homeschool Parents Is Now VERY EASY, thanks to a NEW Practical Math Program by master math teacher Dr. Del. 

Customized for all career paths. Earn up to 6 high school credits. Dr. Del will be the Teacher. You’ll be the Coach. Makes teaching great math hassle-free. Self-paced, interactive online video lessons with quizzes. Master a Scientific Calculator, then learn Pre-algebra through Calculus, plus SAT/ACT prep. 

Includes Notes/Exercises and Student/Parent Forums. Recommended by Homeschool Mentor Margie Abbitt! As low as $25/mo. Parents get a free account with reports. 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

"My son is much happier now that he knows he is working on math that he will actually use in his lifetime. This program is great! Everyone gets a solid base of practical math and then adds complexity for their planned course of study." Tammy M., NC

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