This week, researchers discover a new ticking to the biological clock, special ed goes to court, schools amp up to maximum security, and more. Scroll down to get the scoop!

Girl Scouts Turn Famous Cookies Into Cereals

Waiting for "that time of the year" too tough? Luckily for you, the Girl Scouts have decided to turn their delicious and addictive cookies into a cereal to be enjoyed year round. Coming in Janurary 2017, the company will offer two brands. (via CBS)


Doctors Change Screen Time Guidelines For Kids Under 2

Previously the AAP (American Academy of Pediatricians) had advised parents not to expose any children under the age of 2 to close screentime. However, after new studies the board has revised these standards. Now the board recommends against children of 18 months or younger using these screens, and believes that regardless of age limited video calls are ok for children. (Via HuffPo)

Microsoft launches Minecraft: Education Edition

Thousands of kids are already playing Minecraft in school, so why not turn that into a learning opportunity? This was Microsoft's thinking when they launched the new version of Minecraft called "Education Edition." Microsoft is working with teachers from around the world to develop lesson plans within the game. The app is available now and only costs $5 per student per year. (via The Verge)

New App Forces Kids to Learn While Gaming

Speaking of educational technology advances, the application Play My Way is gearing up to make a huge impact in how kids learn. “The idea behind Play.My.Way is to make the best of the kid’s addiction,” says co-founder Salma Jawhar. The app interrupts any other games, like Candy Crush or Angry Birds, and forces children to answer a question correctly to progress. (via TechCrunch

Adele Opens up About Postpartum Depression

Not even celebrities are immune to the problems that plague your average mothers. In a recent interview, Adele expressed that she wanted to expand her family after a tour, but also revealed that after the birth of her now four-year-old son, she suffered "really bad postpartum depression." 

The singer says that she was completely reluctant to talk about this sensitive topic until recently, and encourages others to make sure they get the help that they need to cope. (via SheKnows)

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