Buckle Up, “The Magic School Bus” is Coming Back!

That’s right. Everyone’s favorite science teacher is returning to living rooms around the world to add excitement to science. Netflix will be rebooting the show, complete with Ms. Frizzle and her head of red curls. Rumor has it, celebs that grew up watching the show are eager to make cameos in the new episodes. (Good Housekeeping)

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Special Needs Teen Kidnapped and Abused by Peers

This is a truly horrible story... Earlier this week, a Chicago teen with mental health challenges was the victim of a kidnapping and tortured by his peers. Fortunately, the boy will recover from his injuries and is now at home with his parents. It's still unclear why this tragic event occurred, but hopefully this story will motivate parents to have a discussion about their children's peers with disabilities, and to treat others with respect and empathy. (CNN)

Beautiful Photos of Homeschool Families to be Published in Book

When a big city photographer moved from Brooklyn to Woodstock, NY, she met a homeschool family who changed her perspective as a new parent.

Once introduced to the concept of homeschooling, the new mom photographed about 15 homeschooled children in the area. The images will be published a book, "Homeschooled," to be released in Spring. Insights from the parents of homeschooled children will be included, along with some insight from the kids themselves. (CNN)

Scientists Identify a New Organ in Our Bodies

Here's a fun fact to add to your anatomy lessons this week - scientists have identified a new organ in the human body, making it the 79th on the list. Researchers in Ireland are calling for a recategorization of the mesentery - a structure found in the intestines - as a full-fledged organ. (Smithsonian) 

Nostalgic Movies from Your Childhood Return to Netflix in January

Classic movies from your childhood are becoming available on Netflix this month - including E.T. and the 1960s version of The Parent Trap

Other kids movies available for streaming this month include Hugo, Bee Movie, A Series of Unfortunate Events, a Justin Bieber movie, and Best Friends Whenever. (She Knows)

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