PSA From Sandy Hook Group Lists Warning Signs of Gun Violence

A viral video created by a group of families of victims of the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 shows a middle school kid displaying signs of gun violence going unnoticed by his peers. The powerful video comes along with an educational guide created by anti-gun violence groups on how to spot signs of gun violence and hopefully prevent it. (LA Times)

Parents Spend As Much Time on Screens as Teens

Despite the rising concern among parents that kids are getting too much screen time, a report recently reported that parents themselves spend just as much time in front of a screen – 9 hours per day. This study reinforces the idea that kids mimic behavior modeled by their parents. Perhaps this report will pressure parents to model healthy behaviors of being active, reading, and being kind. (Time)

Dinosaur Tail Discovery Brings New Theories to Light

This is exciting news for all the kids (and parents) who love dinosaurs. The tail of a 99-million year old dinosaur has been found entombed in amber, an unprecedented discovery that has blown away scientists. The amber contains evidence that instead of being a scaly, lizard-like creature, this species would have had a whip-like tail like a mouse but covered with contour feathers similar to those that give shape and color to birds. (CNN)

Dinosaur Tail Discovered

New Public School Model Sets Up Success for Kids With Different Learning Styles

There are a lot of schools around the country trying to change the educational experience, but most are charter or private schools. For the past three years a small group of teachers in the Bronx have been experimenting with bringing aspects of the Big Picture Learning model into their traditional, public school. By creating smaller classroom sizes to create a "family" environment, teachers saw massive improvements in performance, especially for students with special needs. (MindShift) 

Local Santa Fat-Shames a Child to Tears During Holiday Festivities

When a little 9-year old boy asked his local Santa for gifts this year, he received an insulting comment that sent him into tears. After requesting an iPod Touch and drone for Christmas, the Santa suggested the little boy to “lay off the burgers and French fries.” The body-shaming comment left the boy so upset that his mother is requesting the city to fire the bad Santa. (WLOS)

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