Department of Education Announces $3 Million in Grants for Preschool

Preschool is an often-overlooked step in a child's education. That's why the US Government has announced $3 million dollars in grants to help "Pay for Success" initiatives in preschools.

The US Secretary of Education had the following to say: "Despite the overwhelming evidence that attending high-quality preschool can help level the playing field for our most vulnerable children, we continue to have a huge unmet need in this country,"


How to Predict a Baby's First Word

Do you know your first word? Odds are it was something like Mama, Dada, or maybe the pet cat's name. Parents have long-wondered what exactly caused a baby to say it's first word, but researches at Indiana University and the Georgia Institute of Technology have made headway. New studies link a strong tie between a child's first word and their environment. (The Atlantic)

Homeschool Organization Sues New York City

Outdated paperwork systems are causing some issues with new homeschoolers in New York. A woman was recently reported for "educational neglect" after pulling her son out of school. She was shocked to find investigators knocking on her door to inquire because she had filed all the neccessary paperwork. A homeschool organizations claims that "rather than making homeschooling paperwork available online or mailing it to the home, NYC requires parents to trudge down to the Central Office of Home Schooling on Seventh Avenue to pick it up." (HSLDA)

High-Tech Dolls Replace Flour Bags in Parenting Classes 

Parenting lessons are getting an update for the 21st century. The new high-tech dolls cry, burp, slurp, giggle, and send data to teachers to analyze for grades. Students wear wristbands that connect with a sensor on the dolls’ back, ensuring that only they can care for them, and care is required. If the dolls are left in a hot car, it’s recorded. If they’re shaken, it’s recorded. If they’re not fed, changed, or held correctly, it’s recorded. This makes them the most realistic babies future parents have ever worked with. (

OB-GYN Group Updates Recommendation on Cord Clamping

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have decided to officially endorse a policy known as “delayed cord clamping.” This procedure involves keeping the umbilical cord attached for several minutes after childbirth. According to a lead scientist involved in the announcement, “While there are various recommendations regarding optimal timing for delayed umbilical cord clamping, there has been increased evidence that shows that the practice in and of itself has clear health benefits for both [all] infants,”

(Huffington Post)

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