Harry Potter Readers Invited to Magical Holiday Ball

If your child has ever wished to join the wizarding world, you may be in luck this holiday season. Fans of the very famous wizard series, Harry Potter, have been invited to a Harry Potter themed party. Barnes & Noble’s invitation calls all Muggles, wizards and witches to celebrate the wizarding world with a festive event inspired by the Yule Ball in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Partygoers are promised an evening of Harry Potter-themed crafts, wizarding games, enchanting music, and spellbinding surprises. (B&N)

Thousands of Families Will Spend Holidays Homeless This Year

USA Homeless Stats

More than 61,265 American families spent last January homeless, and almost 10 percent of those families were unsheltered. Most unsheltered families live in Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Hawaii. As heartbreaking as the reality of this news is, we hope it inspires you to find ways that your family can give back to the less fortunate this holiday season. (US Gov't) 

Teens Reveal Realities of Sex, Drugs, and Social Media

A group of teens had a candid conversation on television this week, revealing shocking realities of what teens deal with nowadays. The revelations were startling: They’ve been exposed to sexting since middle school. Almost all said it’s easier to hook up with someone than to hold their hand in school. And social media means there’s nothing private in their lives anymore. (Today)

Elf on the Shelf Replaced with Creepy Santa Cam

“Santa’s watching you” has taken on a creepy new meaning this year as a number of online retailers began selling “Santa cam” devices. The idea is a high-tech take on the Elf on the Shelf who spies on children and then reports their behavior to Santa ― except it cuts out the middle-elf. With the cameras, Santa can sit at a big console like a mall security guard, watching children all over the world on millions of tiny screens. (HuffPo)


Patagonia Donates 100% Black Friday Sales to Environmental Organizations

An American clothing company donated 100% of its profits to environmental organizations during a busy week of Black Friday sales this wee. Patagonia’s Black Friday sales hit $10 million this year -- five times what it had expected. But what’s really cool? The money will go to grassroots environmental groups fighting to protect vital natural resources like water, air and soil. (CNN)

Cyber Week Sale

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