Gifts for ages 3 to 6

FarFaria Unlimited eBooks

Turn screen time into reading time!


Your child will have endless hours of reading fun with this app! FarFaria Unlimited eBooks offers over 1,000 ebooks just for young children.

Each story comes to a mobile device as a colorfully illustrated book that they can flip through, read on their own or for non-readers, have read to them.  If a child chooses to be read to, each word is highlighted so they can follow along!

This app allows children to practice reading skills and work on listening skills as well. Your child’s vocabulary will grow and they will gain experience and confidence in their reading skills. Plus you can get 40% off a year subscription on Educents from 11/23 to 11/30!


This app is ideal for children ages 2 to 9.  It is perfect for parents who want their children to practice active reading and also want educational activities that their child can do independently.

“We love this so far. The interactive map is fun, but I do wish there was a way to simply view all the books and sort by reading level! We're homeschooling and this is great for my 6 year old who is still learning to read. The subscription was definitely worth it!” -Amanda T

uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game

Get your kids reading while just having fun!

Disguised as a treasure hunt, this award winning literacy game gets children moving and reading at the same time.  While playing, children read clues that lead them to a hidden surprise. Surprises are determined by the parent and can tailor the game to their own child’s unique needs.

While playing, children build their sight word vocabulary, learn the basics of what make a sentence while boosting their self-confidence and promoting independence.

Great for beginner and reluctant readers ages 4 to 8. Also perfect for kids who need to get up to move while they learn.   

My son was a very resistant reader! He refused to sit down to reading lessons and cried whenever I took a book out. Thank goodness a friend recommended uKloo Early Reader. It absolutely tricked him into reading and now his his reading confidence is sky high! No more tears when it's time to read! Great Great Great game!” -Billy Jean L.

“uKloo is a such a fun way to learn how to read, and it gets kids off the couch! With 4 kids it is hard to find something that engages all of them. There is so much flexibility built into the game it feels like a new adventure each time. It never gets boring!” -Margaret M.

This game has changed my son's entire outlook on reading. I purchased uKloo on his teacher's recommendation and I am very happy to say it worked in getting him to overcome his reading phobia! He's gone from a reluctant reader to an eager reader. uKloo delivers on it's promise of reading without realizing it! It's a must have for all beginner readers!”   -Dina A

Very Hungry Caterpillar Puppet and Prop Set

Build language skills and expand the imagination!

An adorable caterpillar puppet based on the well-known story that provides a fun and interactive way for young children to develop their languages skills.

Children can use the props to retell the story or to make up their own! A wonderful way for children to work on vocabulary expansion, sequencing, story-telling and to explore their imagination with an adult or on their own.  

The set includes 16 padded food props and a caterpillar puppet that changes into a beautiful butterfly.

Perfect for your 3 to 5 year old storyteller who loves to play and pretend.

Life of Fred Beginning Reader Complete Set

Get kids reading!!

Children love this 18 book series that leads them through the stages of becoming a reader.  Easy to read text and simple illustrations allow children to master the story and the text easily.  Children learn sight words and practice basic reading skills such as using context clues, prediction and decoding.

Great for children ages 4 and up who are just learning to read and for slightly older children who are struggling or reluctant readers.  

This is a superb set. I cannot be happier , our 5 year old loves this and I'm so glad!! He loves numbers but not crazy about reading, now it's easy!” -Sarah O

My kids have been loving these books and they've been SUCH a great addition to our homeschool lessons. My boys in particular just LOVE these. I highly recommend them for any family, homeschooled or not. :)” -Sabrina S

Our 4 year old was doing awesome at learning to read with the game Ukloo but we needed some books to supplement. So I ordered a set of these and its just amazing how fast he has picked up reading and LOVES the story of Fred !! Such a great series and HIGHLY recommend!!!”  -Erin C

Gifts for Ages 7 to 9


Epic! Unlimited Books for Kids

The Netflix of ebooks!

Epic is an all you can read ebook library that offers over 15,000 high-quality books for children. The selection includes read-to-me books, audio books and even books in Spanish.  

The elibrary includes such well known books as Fancy Nancy and Flat Stanley for younger children and The Chronicles of Narnia  and for older kids.  

The app allows up to 4 readers per membership and it makes recommendations based on interest and reading level. There is also a reward system to offer extra motivation for kids to keep on reading!

This all-you-can-read ebook library is perfect for children 12 and under. A great gift for families on the go! All books are age-appropriate for children under 12.

This is great fun for my son. My son is an avid reader so he was very excited when I purchased this subscription! :) There are so many books to read from, it is fantastic. It's also great that they have options for books that can be read to them! Everyone needs to be read to at times. ;) It has different Levels that you can earn, which he loves! It tracks the amount of time that he reads and gives data on him, too. I downloaded the app on my phone so it's perfect for after school, driving, or when you're waiting somewhere. Great investment. :)”  -Faith B

Brain Quest Cards for Kids

It’s fun to be smart!

Brain Quest is loved by all-- children, parents and teachers all recommend these cards to help reinforce skills and to challenge students to learn even more.  

This deck has been newly revised and the content has a great deal of new material.  The content aligns with both national and state standards which makes it a fantastic way for children to practice what they have learned.

Children practice skills including math, reading, history and more. Cards and answers are great for discussion and further research for those who are interested.


“I bought these for our oldest son who was starting 4th grade. He can't get enough of them. The cards are also great for the car. We recently took a 4 hr. trip and the kids loved being quizzed. My husband and I also participate, because there are a few things you forget over the years! They really are a wonderful way for kids to learn in a fun way. I previously bought the 2nd grade ones and now also bought the kindergarten cards for our 2nd son. I will definately be buying each set through the years!”

“Excellent and convenient flash cards. The review materials for Grade 4 are exceptional.” -Jason

The card game is perfect for your fourth grader who needs to practice skills or is a trivia buff!

Gamer’s Adventure Series Box Set

Six thrilling stories for Minecrafters!


These books are for Minecraft die-hards!  There are 6 books in this set including -- The Quest for the Diamond Sword. The Mystery of Griefer’s Mark, The Endermen Invasion, Treasure Hunters in Trouble, Skeletons Strike Back and Clash of the Creepers.

In these books, Steve, the main character forges friendships and gains allies while learning who to trust and who are his enemies. Steve and his comrades travel to a several different biomes searching for treasure and often running into trouble along the way.

This set is ideal for ages 7 and up but can be enjoyed by Minecraft fans of all ages.

My son is 9. He does not like to read, and it has always been a struggle to get him to read any kind of a novel. We got him this set, and he can't wait to read them all. He started out reading one chapter a day, now he reads two chapters each day. He has even asked to read instead of watching tv.” - Jess

“My son is a second grader. He reads well but never had a true passion for reading .... until he found this series at his school library! He is a huge fan of minecraft and absolutely loves these books! He read the first half of book #1 on the day he brought it home! Thank you Winter Morgan!!! Please keep writing more! My child is a fan and I am pleased to report that he is very excited to go to bed early (!) every night to have more time for reading!” -Jazz Fan


Language Arts Wall Stickers

Peel! Play! Learn! Repeat.


This peel, play and learn interactive language arts set teaches language arts skills of all kinds to your young learner.  

Children will build vocabulary, learn about the elements of a story including plot, timelines and genre, practice handwriting, work on grammar skills including identification of nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives and other grammatical concepts such as plural nouns, prepositions, helping verbs and plural and possessive nouns.  

This set is perfect for your future teachers!! Students ages 8 and up are ideal for this set.  Parents, homeschoolers and classroom teachers would love a set as well!

The bright and colorful graphics on the pieces are perfect for the visual learner. Kinesthetic learners will love to touch the pieces and move them from place to place and, combined with verbal instruction, auditory learners can benefit as well.

This set can be a valuable tool in both the regular classroom, the homeschool or for individual use. The pieces are durable, easy to clean with only rubbing alcohol and contain no BPA, lead or PVC.

Gifts for Ages 11 to 13


The ‘Everything You Need to Ace English’ Book

One book that answers all English questions.

From the same people who make Brain Quest, this is the go-to book for all of your child’s questions about English.

A revolutionary English language arts study guide just for middle school students, this book takes students from grammar to reading comprehension to writing with ease, including parts of speech, active and passive verbs, Greek and Latin roots and affixes; nuances in word meanings; textual analysis, authorship, structure, and other skills for reading fiction and nonfiction; and writing arguments, informative texts, and narratives.

The Life of Fred Language Arts Books

Silly stories about grammar.

During Fred’s hilarious adventures, he encounters situations that call for solving language arts problems. Learners actually want to read these books.

This Fred series is geared toward teenage learners to sharpen grammar, spelling, reading & writing skills with history, science and math lessons inserted along the way.  

These language arts books are short. Each contains 19 daily lessons. Since each lesson contains so much material, doing these four books once a year during your high school years would be a really good idea.

“I was sold on the math curriculum by LIfe of Fred for our home school. But was still struggling with what to do for language arts. My son struggles with both, math and language arts, and these life of Fred books make him smile and laugh, and love learning again. it doesn't get better than that! Hats off to Educents, great prices, money back, and fast shipping, favorite shopping site for this home school mom.” -Rhonda N.

Tales 2 Go Literacy Program

Improve your child’s literacy with listening!

Children should be good listeners before they can become great students. Expose your children to sophisticated words and expand their vocabulary with this cost-effective literacy program.

Tales2Go streams 5000+ audio book titles from leading publishers to desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Titles range from Pre-K to high school, and fairytales to classics to popular characters and series like Curious George, Clifford, Ivy & Bean, Magic School Bus, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Boxcar Children, Junie B. Jones, The Lemonade War and The Hunger Games.

This would be a great gift for a family of multiple kids who love to read, or kids who need some inspiration to start reading.


Gifts for Ages 14+

Show me the Kwan

A clever word game where spelling isn’t everything!

This unique, fast paced, dice rolling word game asks children to think about how words are constructed rather than spell them perfectly. The game includes game cards, letter dice, one order die, a timer and instructions for play.  During each round of play, a category is chosen and players must shout out fitting words with the first, second or last letter that correspond to the letter on the dice that were rolled.  Each die has an assigned point value and players must keep track of their own points.

While playing this word game, children practice letter recognition, build vocabulary, learn about word construction and work on cognition speed.

This game is a perfect choice for any age, but not suitable for young children because of small parts. A great party game as well!

“I love this game because I can play it with my kids and they aren't struggling to spell complex or discouraging words, instead it's all about trying to think of some of the most outrageous vocabulary you can!” -Joanna M


Black Ops Bricks: How to Build Your Own Model Military and Armored Flight Vehicles

Bring 20 cool vehicles to life!

This kit reconstructs some of the finest military and spy jets, trucks and ships ever built! In this kit, children will find step-by-step, full-color illustrations showing exactly how to create the best military and special operations vehicles ever made.  Projects range in size from small projects to the 800+ piece hovercraft.  

The 20 building activities will keep your child busy for weeks building, testing and moving these vehicles. The finished products are not just for display, but are fully usable and customizable. Instructions also include places where construction can be stopped and the builder can choose to continue building with only their imagination and ingenuity to guide them.

This kit is perfect for your military and transportation fans and is ideal for students in 6th grade to adult! Age is no limit with this kit.

We just got this and the kids are so very excited, as are the adults! Great for Lego fanatics. Highly recommend.” -Lori Murray

Inspirational Author Quote Wall Sticker

Inspiring wall decoration!

This 24.7” x 16”h high quality, adhesive, vinyl wall cling is a perfect decoration for anyone trying to do or be their best.  A great gift for a college dorm room, a gym, a study room or an office.  Age is no obstacle for this inspirational quote.