Screens. Kids see Mom reading headlines on the iPad, Dad playing Words with Friends, older sister Snapchatting selfies and photos of the cat, teenage brother watching Game of Thrones. No wonder they can’t wait to get their chubby little fingers on a keypad, any keypad, so they can get their dose of screen time, too.

Monitoring Screen Time

Parents have to be constantly monitoring the content their kids are consuming on multiple devices. No matter how diligent parents are, there are so many different ways for kids to stumble upon inappropriate content. Kids are going online to watch videos, some of which might not be vetted for kids. And advertisers are targeting kids with their own messaging.

There are many apps that are appropriate for very young kids, but it’s hard to find them.

Parent-Approved Video Streaming for Kids

Here’s an awesome company that offers kid-friendly viewing.

Parents like Toca TV because it provides a completely safe, age-appropriate viewing experience for young children. The company carefully handpicks and views all the videos streamed on Toca TV, and there is no third party advertising or sponsored content.

Both Common Sense Media and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that parents sit down with their kids to make sure they’re only viewing age-appropriate material, but this isn’t always possible—as every busy parent knows!

With Toca TV, parents can hand their child their phone or iPad without worrying that he or she will be exposed to violence, sexual content, or advertising.

About Toca TV

Toca TV’s mission is to create authentic, kid-focused videos that encourage kids to learn something new, and empower them to create their own videos. Parents will appreciate the fact that Toca TV isn’t a passive viewing experience: the Make Your Own Video tool puts kids on the other side of the camera so they can conceptualize, shoot, and edit their own video creations.

Toca TV

Toca TV
was created by Toca Boca, the company that makes popular kids’ apps like Toca Hair Salon, Toca Pet Doctor, and the Toca Life Series. Toca Boca’s award-winning apps have been downloaded more than 150 million times in countries around the globe, and are among the top-selling kids apps available today.

Toca TV is a subscription streaming service offers thousands of kid-friendly videos, some of them featuring characters that children will be familiar with from Toca Boca apps. Every piece of content is handpicked and prescreened to ensure it lives up to parents’ standards.

Kids will love the bright and vibrant animations, adorable animals and funny adventures. There are also DIY videos that offer simple instructions for creating everything from science experiments and Lego structures to jewelry and ice cream toppings. There are even lessons in drawing so kids can sketch their own cartoon characters.

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