STEM Self-Guided Courses from TechKnow

Tech training to meet your child’s tech needs to succeed in the 21st century!

What is it?

TechKnow is a technology training curriculum that keeps up with the latest trends and skillsets your child will need in today’s world.

The courses enable homeschoolers to take learning to the next level by turning lessons into creative projects like photos, presentations, and videos.

TechKnow offers courses in Google Application, online presentation tools, digital videography, web design, game design, and more!

Why is it cool?

This product offers full online access 24/7 to over 30 award winning technology courses for 5th graders and up. In this monthly subscription, students gain access to everything they'll need for college and many more STEM-related subjects to open their eyes to the many career opportunities STEM has to offer. In addition, Techknow offers student award/incentive programs and free access to the Techknow Minecraft Server for weekly student fun/game time with TechKnow staff.

TechKnow STEM Literacy Courses

STEM Self-Guided Courses are web-based and can be accessed on any device.

They include:

- Game Design
- Video Projects
- Computer Programming (Python)
- Online Presentations
- Design Programs
- Electronics (Build a computer, snap circuits)
- And more!

TechKnow understands that parents will need support too, which is why they offer a FREE parental account with a student subscription so that you can learn right along with your child!

Suggested activities to compliment these courses:

Use the courses for creative homeschool projects by intersecting concepts/subjects with tech skills!

- Use the photography skills acquired to put together a visual science report by taking photos of rocks and minerals found in the neighborhood.
- Put together a Powerpoint presentation outlining the different climates across the country in a geography project.
- Use the graphic design skills learned to create a design using only geometric shapes studied in math.
Produce a short film using the skills learned in the video production course to highlight a significant period in history.

TechKnow STEM Literacy Courses

Click here to learn more about the TechKnow STEM courses.

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