Early Access Tyto Online

Explore a futuristic, alien planet, solve problems, complete quests, and learn real-world science!

Tyto Online is making STEM-based learning fun and engaging through the exploration of a futuristic world and positive social interactions, in a safe virtual environment. The base game structure includes exciting elements such as a leveling system, achievements and badges, as well as entertaining story lines to guide players through quests that will expose them to concepts such as symbiosis and invasive species.

Homeschool Music Journeys

Travel around the globe and explore world cultures through music!

Twelve activities and eight coloring pages introduce kids to a world of music-related fun, from Australian clapsticks to Indian ankle bells and Egyptian rattles. From Andean panpipes to rocking rainsticks and soothing ocean drums, these projects fit perfectly into any homeschool curriculum where music is a part of the learning and discovery!

Created by World Music performer DARIA (Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou), this kit makes for a great resource for teachers, parents, and children with all abilities!

Fort Boards

Learn engineering concepts and spatial reasoning!

With these large scale building kits, children can build creations big enough to explore. This isn’t just any construction toy! With up to 20 square feet of fort building surface, what kind of adventure will your kids create? While the Fort Boards allows kids to build big forts indoors or outdoors, it packs down small to keep those rooms tidy.

Pediatric occupational therapists recommend Fort Boards as a great way for kids to improve fine motor skills and visual perceptual and visual spatial skills. It’s great for children who love to build and for students looking for a fun way to learn STEM concepts.

Silly Stories Cursive Handwriting Practice

Fun cursive handwriting practice with wacky classic tales!

Teachers and parents can use the Silly Stories: Cursive Handwriting Copybook to utilize hand-over-hand guidance techniques to help students make correct letter strokes. Guided lines have been provided in this handwriting copybook to help with correct cursive letter formation and spacing.

This children’s cursive handwriting book is perfect for improving handwriting and penmanship. The worksheets inside are a great resource for the homeschool classroom and those teaching 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders.

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