Baby & Toddler


No training wheels needed! 

This bike is perfect for your urban little rider who rides sidewalks and streets. The tires are specially designed for riding on concrete, stone or packed dirt surfaces. This balance bike is super light, durable, and just right for developing your child’s balance and motor skills. Drum breaks assures safe stopping and are designed to keep little fingers from getting stuck.

Ideal for children from 22 months up to 5 years of age.  

Baby Walker “Doggy”

Ready to get walking?

This adorable “baby walker” is perfect for your little one who is ready to stand and take his first steps. The walker is shaped like a dog and is made of sturdy hardwood and rubber coated wheels. The walker has a nice sized compartment perfect for collecting, sorting and transporting all your child’s favorite toys and books. Sliding beads are great for little hands who are developing small motor control, learning colors and learning how to count.

This walker is perfect for children ages 12 months and up.

Musical Band Table

Rock and roll!

Does your little one love music?  Then this table is perfect for them!  Eight manual activities are included on this table including drums, LED lights and three different play modes.  Also included are two maracas with rollers and flaps to play with.  The DJ console has a ton of manual activities like a slide, a scratching disk and a record player stylus. The table has three different play areas which makes it easy for multiple children to play at once while promoting the development of musical awareness.

Perfect for your 9 month to 4 year old.

Gifts for Ages 4 to 6

Vegetable Make a Match Wooden Game

Play with your vegetables!

Parents and children alike love this compact memory game that fits in your purse or backpack.  Fantastic for travel, picnics and playdates. This vegetable matching game comes with 24 wooden coins each that are sanded smooth and decorated with whimsical, black ink drawings of the vegetables children encounter (and hopefully eat) in their daily lives. These coins can be used to play Memory or can be used in imaginative play while children practice matching, sorting and language skills. Comes with a drawstring pouch for easy storage and travel.

For children ages 4 to 8 years old.

Medieval Sword and Shield Set

Defend the kingdom!


Your little medieval knight can defend his kingdom with this kid-sized sword and shield. The sword and shield are made from all natural foam so no one really gets hurt during the battle. A wonderful gift for pretend play as well as for dress-up.  Cleans up easily after a day of fighting with just soap and water.

Ideal for children ages 3 and up.

Sounds Like Fun Musical Instruments

Shake, rattle, and drum!

There is nothing better than making music, and with these handcrafted wooden instruments, that is just what your child can do.  The set contains seven pieces including a drum with a natural skin, a pair of drumsticks, a single jingle stick, a handled castanet and a pair of mini maracas. Your child can shake, rattle and drum his days away while learning to appreciate music, practice motor skills and learn how to play different instruments.

This set is great for children 4 and up.


Gifts for Ages 7 to 9

Tegu Blocks

Calling all builders!

These finely crafted blocks are perfect for kids of all ages.  Every wooden block has embedded magnets that makes building and creating even more fun.  The blocks come in four different colors and are made from eco-friendly materials. No instruction manuals necessary, all your child needs is an imagination and some time to create!

For all ages!

Levenhuk Microscope with Experiments

Attention young scientists!

A stylish and brightly-colored microscope perfect for exploring the world one slide at a time.  An experiment kit is included and has everything a young scientist needs to get started.  The kit contains a detailed user guide, microscope slides and instruments necessary for working with microscopic samples.  The microscope can be battery powered or plugged in for ease of use in different environments.

Perfect for ages 7 and up.

Erupting Volcano Model

Exploding science fun!

Get your young scientist fired up about Earth science with this kit! The kit contains a large, plastic model that really erupts. It is easy to use and mess free.  The model has a cross section of a volcano that labels the names of the different parts of a volcano while the other side has corresponding labels to use for assessing your child’s knowledge.  The kit includes an easy-to-make lava recipe, clear plastic trays and a removable tube for easy clean-up.  Also included is a fact-filled activity guide.

Ideal for ages 6 and up.

Gifts for Ages 10 to 12

Quadcopter Drone for Kids

For flying fans!

A quadcopter is a unique aircraft that is equipped with four propellers. Like a helicopter, it can hover and fly.  With this kit, children can assemble their own quadcopter which can be remotely controlled by a Joypad.  

Perfect for flying fans ages 11 and up.

Mand Labs KIT-1

The Coolest DIY Kit for Fun Learning Electronics!

This is the coolest educational electronics kit out there!  With this kit, kids can create a variety of cool electricity-related projects with help from easy to follow step-by-step visual instructions.  Kids will begin to understand how real world electronic components work, test laws of physics, gain technical skills and just have fun.  

The kit comes with everything your child needs to make 50+ projects including a troubleshooting guide.  The kit has an award-winning package design that opens into a personal workstation.

Ideal for ages 13 years and up.