Gifts for ages 3 to 6

Sight Words Musical DVD

Add a jingle jangle to family visits this season.


Get your little ones up, moving and dancing this holiday with Rock ‘N Learn’s Sight Words DVD Collection. Your child will be so busy jumping around and grooving to the catchy songs, they won’t even realize that they’re learning 170 sight words with this 3-DVD bundle.


Brad the Hedgehog takes kids on a hilarious and fun adventure to practice their word recognition within the context of read-along stories and catchy songs. The Sight Word DVDs also offer bonus chapters that present sight words in isolation to focus on word shapes and spelling.

“There is something about the catchy tunes, the wacky characters and the funny scenes that appeals to kids and opens the door to learning. This DVD truly makes it fun and easy to learn. Parents were thrilled because their kids didn’t even realize they were learning. The time span of 50 minutes [per DVD] is ideal, just enough time for kids to get in some quality learning and not too long to lose their attention. That isn’t something you guess, its something you study, learn and hone into a science, which is what Rock ‘N Learn has done…again.” – Review from National Parenting Center

FirstBIKE Balance Bike

Gift your child's first bike - get them moving!

If your child is eager to get on the move and join your family bike rides - start with a balance bike. Balance bikes have no pedals or stabilisers and are much lighter than pedal bikes. On balance bikes, children use their feet to balance and propel themselves along. One of the biggest advantages of this method is that children as young as 2 learn to balance on their own without explanation, coaching or unnecessary stress.

Designed in Germany, the multi-award winning balance bike is the perfect super light training bike for developing your child's sense of balance and motor skills.

The Bug Books and Bug Bottle

The bug kit with a conscience!

Kids are crazy about bugs! And kids and parents are crazy about the Bug Book & Bug Bottle. 

Kids discover how the whirligig beetle got its name, why fireflies light up, and how water striders walk on water. And then impress parents and friends—here are all the tools kids need to become bona fide bug experts.

The ingeniously designed, safe plastic bottle is perfect for catching and viewing creepy crawlies, then letting them go unharmed. The full-color book provides field notes to 46 bugs (up from the original 24) arranged by habitat, including pond, forest, ground, leaves, field, flower.

Written by entomologist Hugh Danks, the Bug Book gives comprehensive information about these fascinating creatures—how they live, what they eat, unusual characteristics, and more. It offers simple, clear guidelines on how to collect and care for bugs, and equally helpful hints on which bugs not to catch. New to the kit are a fold-out bug chart for quick identification, a magnifier to see the critters up close, and a bug explorer's journal to record discoveries.

This makes a great gift because it allows little ones to run around the yard or park and learn about critters around them! Everything you need to get a child started right away is in one kit!

Rainbow Skittles - Tabletop Bowling Game

Build hand-eye coordination by knocking pins over!

A wooden-pin rainbow to play with, discover, and every child’s favorite past time, knock over! This classic wooden tabletop game has a rainbow twist – 6 vibrant colors to order, stand up, and knock down. A great way to keep little hands busy while building hand-eye coordination and sharpening physics skills.

Play the traditional “See how many you can knock over” game, or a modified version. Have the pins stand at attention in a straight line and ask the little sharp shooter to aim at a particular color, rolling until successfully achieving the mission. Just like a little explorer, each pin is pint sized and measures a little more than 3.5” tall. Each pin has been colored with a nontoxic watercolor wash and lightly sealed with an organic mixture of beeswax and jojoba oil. The ball measures about 2” around and is left in its natural wooden color, also lightly sealed.

The collection comes in a drawstring pouch to make it easy to share with Grandpa, play with the next door neighbor, bring on the go this holiday! Attracts little scientists as well as children with special needs. Perfect social game for the holidays!

Gifts for Ages 7 to 10

Stepping Stones Game

Jump and learn!

Get ready to move from stone to stone through the marshland in this fun filled activity game! Kids join the tigers, deer, bears, foxes, rabbits, and elephants in a race to cross the marsh. They need to be aware that you can drown in a marsh, even if it's shallow. They must try not to fall off the stones, there are plants that might entangle or small animals that bite!

Great for use both in the classroom and at home. Multiple gameplays and lots of activity ideas will get the kids going wild! For an added dose of learning and fun, kids complete a number challenge task as they cross the marsh. The number challenges are varied and suit all levels of play. The animal enthusiasts will be thrilled exploring 11 different animal life cycles in an added fast-paced card game.

Makes a great gift for the child who needs to move to learn!        

Net Swing

Swing and soothe!

Children with sensory issues across the board love to swing. This Sensory University Original is secured by four connected points of lycra which allow it to expand and encapsulate the child almost like a cocoon. The user or the therapist can control the motion of this swing with little effort. Attaches to any standard hook or therapy swivel set. Should be kept low to the ground and used by only trained therapist or parents. It’s 26 in diameter. Maximum weight is 100 LBS.

Children with sensory needs require vestibular input (a sense of movement centered in the inner ear). The rhythmic motion of a swing helps calm a child because it stimulates vestibular receptors. This has a long-lasting effect that helps the child coordinate eye, head, and body movements over time.

It makes a perfect gift for an active child requiring some grounding.

Healthy Eating Wall Play Set

Get rid of worksheets and get peeling!


The bright and colorful, fun graphics on the 24" x 20" PEEL & PLAY educational sets make them perfect for visual learners. Kinesthetic learners will love touching the pieces and moving them around from place to place. The educational PEEL & PLAY sets can be combined with verbal instruction to satisfy auditory learners as well.

The educational food group play set teaches food classification, food recognition, daily serving requirements, per meal serving requirements, food portion awareness. It also compares healthy versus unhealthy eating choices.

The durable fabric educational PEEL, PLAY & LEARN sets can work for younger children and older children alike. Whether you are homeschooling multiple aged children or looking for something to challenge kids in the classroom or after-school, the interactive wall play sets will fit in perfectly.


Gogo Roller

Pedal, balance, and roll!

The GoGo Roller combines function and strength while challenging coordination and balance. It makes a perfect gift for the child who enjoys skateboarding or roller skating.

This roller is a beautiful design of unique quality without sharp edges or areas which could pinch the feet. The GoGo Roller has been created from the idea that children can give it rough treatment without damaging it. The children will enjoy how easily it runs. The wheels, the strong steel shafts and the pedals form a unified whole, which radiates sturdiness and strength.

For smaller children it can be mounted with approximately a foot and a half high handles.

Gifts for Ages 11+

Yoga Poses for Kids

Yoga on the go!

Learn and practice 25 yoga poses for kids! Mix-and-match twenty five yoga poses for kids with twenty five illustrated keywords (categories are Travel, Earth, People, and Animals). Pose index and pose instructions are included. Cards are full color and double-sided. Multicultural characters illustrated in easy poses for kids. Fun for all ages, adults too!

Designed for children to learn yoga poses for kids in a creative and independent way. Great tool for homeschoolers, parents, and teachers to use as as brain breaks or simply to begin and end a day.

Makes a great gift because the cards are portable and the poses can be performed virtually anywhere.

Middle and High School Nutrition 101

Promote healthy living in teens!

This gift takes kids away from technology and into their bodies to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Enhance your middle and high school students’ nutrition awareness while promoting a positive self-image and deeper appreciation of having a healthy, strong body.

Nutrition 101 includes eight teacher lesson plans including the digestive system, vitamins and minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, a spoonful of sugar, acid/alkaline balance, food diet, the unhealthy truth, and whole food presentation.

The unit also includes homework options, video, app and slideshow suggestions as well as hands-on labs and experiments—all the prep-work is done for you!

“We love Human Body Detectives! And this is a very important subject. Plus, it is PERFECT for homeschooling multiple children/multiple age groups because the Elementary Unit is included.” ~ Elise M, Homeschooler

Family Time Fitness

Fitness is a family affair!

Every family needs to make physical movement an essential part of their daily routines.  Family Time Fitness is a leader in at home Physical Education. They have provided homeschool families with physical education programs for over 5 years. These physical education programs provide ready made lessons that help everyone improve their physical fitness.

All of the fitness programs and physical education lessons can be done at home. You do not need any experience as a physical education teacher or coach to implement the programs in your home. You are provided with everything to make fitness fun.

Any of the programs make a great gift for the entire family. A family that moves together, stays together! Get moving today!

Motivating Me Ball

You can do it!

Motivating Me Ball for Middle School and High School. Get teens ready to meet challenges they face with such phrases as "Break one of your goals into steps" and "Name one thing that motivates you." The ball comes deflated and a pump is required. Inflation size is approximately 8 inches. The ball is latex-free.

Makes a great gift for using in small group settings or within the family to get discussions going on important life issues with teens. 

No-Tie Sneaker Laces

Award-winning sneaker laces from SharkTank!

U-Lace features product for consumers from age 3 to 103. U-Lace Kiddos was specifically designed for Kids ages 3 to about 11 but adults with smaller feet often choose U-Lace Kiddos. U-Lace Classic was designed for Tweens, Teens and Adults.

Whether your child is a sneaker lover, fashion lover, sports fan, frequent traveler, deal with limited mobility or simply hates tying sneaker laces, U-Lace is the perfect solution for your active kid.

“I ordered them for my daughter who has to change for gym class. She doesn't have enough time to get her shoes tied and get to the next class on time. She just loves the U-laces. I plan on buying her more colors!!” - Edwina H.