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Product Description

All you will need for your data analysis unit.

Graphing Posters

You will get the following:

pg. 2: bar graph poster
pg. 3: pictograph
pg. 4: line graph poster
pg. 5 - 6: line plot poster (one for primary when introducing the concept of line plots and one that uses a true number line)
pg. 7: circle graph poster
pg. 8: frequency table poster
pg. 9: stem and leaf plot
pg. 10: parts of a graph poster 
pg. 11: interactive graphic organizer with pictograph, bar graph, line graph, line plot, circle graph, frequency table and stem and leaf plot
pg. 12: histogram
pg. 13: dot plot
pg. 14: box and whisker plot
pg. 15: parts of a box and whisker plot
pg. 16 and 17: interactive graphic organizer with histogram, dot plot and box and whisker plot (2 different orientations depending on how you are using the interactive graphic organizer)

pg. 18 - 26: are posters that have been added that contain the correct spelling for Australia, Canada and the UK.

Data Analysis Poster and Graphic Organizer Set

This set includes a 1 interactive graphic organizer (like a foldable) and 5 posters (8.5 X 11) and 3 data set cards.

You will get a poster for the following: data set, mean, median, mode and range. I have also included 5 different sets (color, back and white, mini, mini - black and white mini and full page) of data cards to use with your students.

Data Cards

These files were intended to be used to make graphs from the data or to find mean, median, mode and range.

Listed below are the types of graphs they were intended to be used for, but they can certainly be used for another type.

*Use pgs. 4 – 9 for making bar graphs

*Use pgs. 11 - 12 for double bar graphs

*Use pgs. 14 – 17 for line graphs

*Use pgs. 19 – 22 for double line graphs

*Use pgs. 24 – 35 for stem and leaf plots (2 different versions – one has fewer numbers included)

*Use pgs. 37 – 44 for line plots - frequency tables - histograms - box and whisker plots (2 different versions – one has fewer numbers included)

*Use pgs. 46 – 49 for frequency table

*Use pgs. 51 – 54 for circle graphs

To use these data set to find mean, median, mode and range use cards 24 – 35 and 37 – 44. 

I included smaller versions of the cards (in color and gray scale) in case they were to be used in centers or small groups or in notebooks (pgs. 55 – 83)


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