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Fun With Digraphs -- Digraph BUNDLE


  • Grades: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

  • Subjects: Reading, Writing

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  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

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Product Description

Anchor charts and activities to work on the digraphs /ch/, /ph/, /sh/, /th/, and /wh/!

This is an activity pack that works on the digraphs /th/, /sh/, /ch/, /wh/, and /ph/. There are 5 activities that are included (with multiple versions of each!!! It also includes 10 anchor charts, 2 for each digraph. One has just pictures, and one has pictures and words. 

Activity 1: Roll and Graph
Each digraph has 4 dice templates and 4 recording sheets. Students roll the dice and record the roll using tallies. Then, they take their tallies and graph them on a bar graph. 

Activity 2: Puzzles
Students match puzzle pieces to matching digraphs. There are 2-piece puzzles (pictures and pictures with words) and 4 piece puzzles (pictures and words, and just words). There is also a "Create Your Own Puzzle" activity. 

Activity 3: Writing
A work page is given for each digraph. Students decide what digraph the page is about based on two pictures. Then, they write a sentence using both words. Finally, they brainstorm 4 other words that fall into the same digraph pattern.

Activity 4: Room Search/ Sort
This can be used as a group activity, or as a center. GROUP: Students search the room for blue digraph word cards. They place the word with the correct picture header card. CENTER: Students sort the blue word cards under the correct mini-header. 

Activity 5: Interactive Notebook review
Students complete a flap page on each digraph. There are 3 versions of this activity: words and pictures, just words, and just pictures. Students glue their flap page into their notebook or onto a sheet of construction paper. Next, student sort their words or pictures into 5 piles (/th/, /sh/, /ch/, /wh/, /ph/). Finally, they glue the pictures or words under the correct digraph flap.


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