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50 Historical Recipes

50 Historical Recipes | Sunflower Education

Sunflower Education

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Taste your way through history! The “Cooking up Some American History” Cookbook by Sunflower Education is a unique learning tool that includes 50 authentic, easy-to-make, printable recipes from all periods of American history. Want to know what George Washington’s favorite breakfast was? Or what wealthy Spanish colonists ate for a treat? The answers and actual recipes are right here!

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Concepts covered:

American history, cooking, following directions, measurement


Who is it for?

  • Kids in grades PreK to 6 

Why buy? 

  • Historical contexts and classroom connections
  • Recipes included are based on authenticity and ease of preparation
  • Your child will remember history much easier when they taste the same foods Columbus ate!
  • Hands-on learning for greater learning retention


 What is included?

You will find it surprisingly simple to provide your child or students with authentic Native American fare like toasted pumpkin seeds or Journey Potatoes like those served on the Oregon Trail, or even Meatless Meatloaf that fed Americans during the lean years of the Great Depression. Involve all the senses while learning history!

eBook version of Cooking Up Some American History includes:

  • 50 complete, printable, kid-friendly recipes
  • Thorough instructions on food preparation, cooking, and kitchen safety
  • Historical contexts and classroom connections

sample pages


 Includes the following recipes: 

                       Native American Foods

                       Spanish Colonial Fare

                       English Colonial Dishes

                       Foods of the Revolutionary War

                       Dining in Young America

                       Staying Fed on the Frontier

                       Foods out of Africa

                       Soldier's Mess: The Civil War

                       Goods of the Gilded Age & the Industrial Revolution

                       Dishes of World War I

                       Surviving the Great Depression

                       Foods of World War II

                       American Fare: the 1950s

                       Popular Dishes of the 1960s

                       Recipes of the 1970s

                       & MORE!

  • For the complete Table of Contents, click HERE!


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Sunflower Education is run by Cindy and Dan, a married couple with kids in Austin, Texas. Cindy is a graphic designer and Dan is an editor. Together, we've created a fun variety of books.

Our books have proven popular with homeschoolers and teachers alike. We are thrilled to help adults teach and kids learn about our world. Our goal is to keep kids excited and engaged in the world around them. We believe in helping children blossom!

  • Creative & fun cookbook!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Published on August 01, 2015 by Teresa L - Member Since June 2014
  • Looks great!

    I love the creativity in this product. I could see my own children using this to help mom and dad in the kitchen.

    Published on June 14, 2015 by Humphrey F - Parent, Super-hero - Member Since June 2015