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Fractions : 2nd - 6th Grade Bundle (8 products in 1)


  • Grades: 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade

  • Subjects: Math

  • Product Type: Printable, Worksheet

  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

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This is a great way for kids between the ages of 6 - 12 to explore fractions. Exploring fractions through visual models helps kids cement their understanding and have fun in the process!

This fraction bundle was created to have students explore fractions in meaningful ways. This product contains eight products in one!


1. Visual Fractions (2nd-4th grade): Students will identify fractions, numerators, denominators, explore how to create equivalent fractions, and add fractions with visual models. Students will be asked to think critically and take apart and put together fraction models. A sample student response sheet is included with this product and there are multiple solutions.


2. Cut Out and Match (3rd-5th grade): Students will explore fractions with this hands-on activity. This is a good way to help cement students' mathematical understanding of fractions. I've seen this product used as a whole class activity and in small student groups. While completing this activity, students will represent fractions in multiple ways. Students will identify, cut out, construct fractions and create number models. What's great is that there are multiple solutions to this activity. I've also included a sample process chart to help provide some useful ideas.  


3. Fraction Math Stations (3rd Grade): Students will solve 12 different math station fraction problems. I've posted these cards all round the room and used them for stations. Students spend 3-5 minutes and then rotate around the classroom. While completing this activity, students will, find fractions on a number line, find equivalent fractions, compare fractions using or = and rename fractions greater than one.


4. Holiday Fractions (3rd Grade): Students will explore Valentine's Day and fractions. Students will identify fractions on number lines, compare fractions, find equivalent fractions and create fraction number sentences. I've used this activity in January and February but it's great practice at anytime of the year.  5.  There are so many different ways to represent fractions.  This packets includes the five different ways that fractions are represented. 


5. Muffins and Fraction Multiplication (4th-6th Grade): This packet is designed to challenge third and fourth grade students.  Students are given a muffin recipe and asked to modify it based on the amount of servings. Students will divide and multiply fractions in the process.


6. Fancy Fractions (4th-6th Grade): This packet stretches students' mathematical thinking of fractions.  Students are asked to find "the whole" when given different fractions.  This fraction activity can be used to help differentiate instruction.  There are two sets of fraction block master sheets.  Students find equivalent fractions and have to use visual models to find solutions.  This is perfect for students that are ready to learn about middle school fraction concepts.


7.  Fraction Puzzler (5th-6th Grade):  This fraction puzzle is designed to have students combine pre-algebra concepts with fractions.  Students add and subtract fractions with missing numerators and denominators.  One answer is not solvable!   


8.  Representing Fractions (2nd-4th Grade): This activity encourages students to perceive fractions as more than just a mere numerator and denominator.  Fractions represented as parts-to-whole, measurement, division, operator and ratio are all showcased.  Students solve problems involving all of these representations.



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    No regrets in buying this
    Sep 16, 2017

    Fractions can be such a tough topic to tackle. I'm so glad that this was put together. It's helped my anxious 11 year old to see fractions in a more positive light. Thank you!!

    Kay H - Parent
    Great Buy!
    May 12, 2017

    I look forward to using this in the coming school year. It's a great resource especially when you teach multiple grades so it's truly a great buy. Very impressed with it all and know my kids will enjoy!

    Lana T - Parent
    Great resource
    Mar 12, 2016

    Love this! Thank you so much- this is such a fun way for the kids to practice working with fractions. This was a great resource to provide some ready to go activities for my kids.

    Ben - Parent
    Love it!
    Mar 10, 2016

    My kids have loved the activities I have done so far. Can't wait to do the rest. The muffin section was challenging for even my fourth graders. It was great to see students work out the problems. Thanks!!

    Mr - Teacher

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