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Kids can learn Spanish, French, German, and Chinese as a second or third language using the foreign language resources from Educents. Discover great videos geared towards kids interested in learning a foreign language. Educents also offers a variety of workbooks and games to use when learning a foreign language. Flash cards are another great way to learn words in a foreign language. Educents sells instant download flash cards in many languages.

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Learning a foreign language is a great skill for kids. It helps kids learn about a different culture and creates more positive attitudes towards different cultures. It also gives kids the language skills to travel abroad as well as valuable skills for their future careers. Young kids can begin learning a foreign language by learning the names of objects around the classroom in that language. Labeling objects with the English and foreign language word is a great way to remind kids how to say that word in that language. Kids in upper elementary, middle, and high school can begin to put together sentences in the foreign language and begin to have conversations in that language with other students. They may even converse with someone fluent in that language, or an adult that is also learning that language.

Educents has resources for all beginning and intermediate foreign language students. You can purchase quick reference pages to have on hand. You can also find complete Spanish curriculum for ages 3+ in video form. The Spanish for Kids videos from Language Tree come in beginner and intermediate levels. The intermediate level expands on the beginner level. Both levels include sing-along songs and native speakers to help with authentic pronunciation of the words.

A fun way for kids to learn a second language is through games. Dice Off ® is a fun Spanish game where kids won’t even realize they’re learning a new language! Games like this help introduce important subjects and verbs that kids will need to learn their foreign language. The flash cards sold on Educents can also be a fun and easy way to practice words in Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. Keep these in the car for when your kids are bored and need something to do. No matter what resources you use, learning a foreign language is a valuable experience for your kids!


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